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Qualities of an Excellent Professional Electrician

There are certain vendors your home simply can’t be without: excellent heating and cooling service providers, excellent plumbers and excellent electricians.

Finding reliable service providers for your home can be challenging, and when it comes to finding good electricians, there are some specific things you need to be able to count on. Here are some tips to help you find a reliable, professional electrician in fair Oaks Ranch, TX:

  • Training and certification – working with electricity is complex and requires a number of hours of education and training. Check to make sure that any electrician you want to work with has the training and certification required for your area.
  • Licensed and insured – any tradesperson who does work on your property should be licensed and insured. If they aren’t, you will be liable for any injuries or damages that happen while he/she works on your property.
  • Be fully updated on the National Electric Code (NEC) – the National Electric Code, also known as the NEC or NFPA70, outlines the standards for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment in the United States. Codes can be updated at any time, so it’s important to know that your electrician is fully up-to-date on all standards.
  • Make sure there’s a physical address – whether you are hiring an individual or a company, make sure the person or company has a traceable, physical address.
  • Experience – ask your electrician what his/her experience has been working in the field. Classroom and apprenticeship learning are important, but hands-on experience is just as important.
  • Provides written estimates of work – electrical work can be complicated and can sometimes be costly. Any good electrician should be willing to give you a written estimate of the proposed scope of work.
  • Guarantees/refund policy – any tradesperson should be willing to stand behind his or her work; the best way to do that is to offer guarantees on work and/or have a refund policy.

Taking the time to find an excellent professional electrician can help you avoid problems that can occur when you hire the first person you see online or in the phonebook. Experiencing electrical problems right now?

D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc., has been offering comprehensive electrical services since 1974, so if you are in need of excellent electrical service, call us today!

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