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PVC or Copper: Which to Choose?

October 11th, 2021

This is a complicated question, and one that we’d like to spend this blog post talking about. There’s no perfect answer, and it’s important that we’re honest with you as your go-to local professional for any questions that pertain to plumbing in Boerne, TX. The truth is that either one of these options is a good choice, but for very different reasons and situations.

If you’re in the market for some repiping, first we recommend that you call us. We’ll walk you through the different types of materials and give you our specific recommendations for your situation. However, if you’re not at that stage yet and you’d rather do a bit more research, then we can help with that.

PVC and copper pipe materials are both great solutions for the specific problem of repiping. But let’s dive into which material is best for your situation or budget.

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Waiting for AC Help? Here’s What to Do

September 27th, 2021

Air conditioners can run into problems every now and then. That’s why it’s important that when your AC system has a hiccup, you’re ready to address it the right way. Some homeowners try to ignore the problem until the season is over, and others might panic due to the inconvenience of this kind of problem. Regardless of what your situation looks like, we can help.

The first step of any guide should be to call for help. Our team provides AC repair in Castroville, TX quickly so your home can become the comfortable sanctuary it’s supposed to be. However, as fast as our service trucks might be, we’re not going to instantly arrive at your home. Until we get there to provide you with relief, you’ll need to make some minor improvements to keep your home comfortable and secure.

Let’s talk about a few things you can do while you wait for help.

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The Three Main Types of Leaks

September 13th, 2021

Leaks are brutal when they occur. We’ve all been there when a leak has caused a complete disruption in our lives and we start furiously searching online for what to do. The stress and commotion of having a leak in your home can be enough to ruin anyone’s day, which is why we’d like to shed some light on this type of situation.

Different leaks have different solutions. In order to have your leaks properly cleaned and patched, it’s important that you get them addressed by a professional. The plumbers on our team can patch your leaks, no matter what size they are, and get your home in working order again.

That being said, as your local expert plumber in Boerne, TX, we think it’s time we talked about the three major types of leaks and what can be done about each one.

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AC Neglect: A Tricky Situation

August 16th, 2021

Neglecting your air conditioner is never a good option. We know that nobody neglects their AC system on purpose, but it’s one of the most damaging things that can be done to an AC. We’d much rather be confronted with a malfunctioning air conditioner by a homeowner that’s confounded, than stumble upon a forgotten AC that’s really veering towards replacement much earlier than it should be.

Neglected systems, or systems that are ignored or forgotten about, tend to break down only in a few years. Well-maintained systems and units that are paid close attention can last upwards of 10-15 years in age because problems are promptly addressed.

This blog post is part PSA and part advice about how you can avoid neglecting your air conditioner, and what could happen if you do forget about your precious system. Don’t forget to schedule AC repair in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX if you encounter a problem!

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5 Signs You Need an AC Replacement

August 2nd, 2021

As a responsible homeowner, you should never forget about your air conditioner. Maintenance on a yearly basis can be vital to keeping your system running and timely repairs are an absolute necessity unless you want your system to break down early.

If your air conditioning in Boerne is struggling, there is a chance that it is ready to retire a little earlier than you might like. Identifying and addressing problems quickly can help prevent bigger issues from occurring and extend the lifespan of your system.

Be attentive to how your AC is functioning in order to get the most efficient and longest-lasting performance from your AC. Let’s discuss some of the major tell-tale signs that your AC is in need of replacement.

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Likely Problems with Your AC

July 19th, 2021

Air conditioning problems can take many forms and make many different noises, which is why it’s important to get the right information from certified experts. Don’t just assume you’ve got a refrigerant leak or some kind of compressor failure if you’re not actually sure that’s your problem. The first thing you can always do in this situation is to call us for more information. Not only can we give you a better picture as to what’s going wrong with your system, but we can send a technician over to get a closer look so you know you’re in good hands.

Until that happens, we’re going to assume that your air conditioner problem is like many others we’ve seen. Most of the air conditioning repair in Kerrville, TX we provide is based around a few simple fixes that happen all the time.

We’re going to go over the most common AC repairs we run into and talk about how you can tell if you’re suffering from one.

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Indoor Air FAQ: Harmful or Just Uncomfortable?

July 5th, 2021

Do you know whether the indoor air quality in your home is safe for you? Many people are aware of all the pollutants in the air outside and how harmful they can be to your health. You might be surprised to learn that indoor pollutant levels can be significantly higher than you might think.

With people spending most of their time indoors, there is a greater chance for people with respiratory conditions to develop health problems due to poor indoor air quality. We will discuss some of the common air quality problems you should know about to understand whether your indoor air is potentially dangerous.

Getting a better understanding of your home’s indoor air quality can help you understand the importance of getting professionals to install an air purifier in Boerne, TX.

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Is My AC Properly Sized?

June 21st, 2021

The answer to this question is complicated. If you had your air conditioner installed by a team of qualified professionals, like the ones at our company, then the answer is absolutely. Proper air conditioning sizing, or more commonly referred to as load calculation, is one of the most important aspects of having an AC installed. If an amateur or a team decides to go ahead with the installation and doesn’t size the system properly, there could be some huge repercussions.

So, let’s talk about what some of those repercussions are! If you’re dealing with an air conditioner that’s causing problems, and you think it’s because it’s not properly sized, then you might need AC replacement in Boerne, TX. Don’t worry, this might seem like an expensive fix, but it’s really for the long-term.

Replacements can often be the most cost-effective, long-term solutions to deal with a faulty or improper installation.

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Tripping Circuits? Here’s the Deal

June 7th, 2021

Sometimes the lines are blurred between just a circuit hiccup and a devious problem with your home electrical grid. It can be almost impossible to tell the difference without a few clues and some information under your belt. Sure, if you feel comfortable resetting the circuits and enjoying the rest of your day, then by all means do that. But if you’re curious as to why your circuits tripped in the first place, or if you’re dealing with multiple tripped circuits, then you’re better off calling our team for electrical repair in Bulverde.

Your home electrical grid is complicated. Unless your home energy system is regularly maintained, it can be incredibly difficult for you to tell if there’s a problem. That’s why we make sure to keep our services fast and affordable, so you’re more inclined to call us for help in case there really is something wrong.

Here are just a few problems you could be encountering in your home electrical system.

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3 Unique Heat Pump AC Repairs

May 24th, 2021

We all know about heat pumps at this point. They’re efficient, they’re effective, and they’re extremely convenient. While other homeowners are griping about having to repair both their air conditioners and their furnaces, you get to sit back and relax with a central heat pump system that functions easily as both a heater and a cooler. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make life taste the sweetest!

However, we’d be lying if we told you that a heat pump never runs into any problems. When it comes to AC repair in Castroville, TX, and heat pump repairs to be specific, there are some unique repair needs that you might want to watch out for. They can be especially pesky since not as many homeowners have heat pumps, so finding the right services can be harder.

Don’t worry! Our team provides comprehensive services for heat pumps, so the job will always get done if you call us.

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