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Ceiling Fans in Boerne & the surrounding Texas Hill Country

If you own a whole house heating and cooling system, then you may think that the prospect of a ceiling fan is actually unnecessary. After all, isn’t the distribution of your conditioned air a job for the air handler and ductwork? Well, yes and no. While you should rely on your air conditioning and heating systems for year–round comfort for your entire home, a ceiling fan is by no means irrelevant. In fact, a professionally installed ceiling fan is a great way to ensure that you enjoy excellent energy efficiency, reduced wear and tear and other benefits. In general, they are designed to improve your comfort. We install and service high quality ceiling fans throughout the Boerne, TX area.

Let us find a solution for you. Our electricians are not only highly experienced but also rigorously trained and there’s nothing that we can’t take care of when it comes to the installation or servicing of your ceiling fan. Since 1974, we have been family owned and operated, and in our time, we have striven to provide exceptional customer service and quality workmanship on every project we complete. Give us a call today so that we can discuss the benefits of a ceiling fan with you.

The Boerne, TX electrical experts at D'Spain Sales and Service offer quality ceiling fans and ceiling fan services throughout the Texas Hill Country area.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are not just decorative or luxurious items. They are designed for a very specific purpose, which is to provide strategic air distribution at various times throughout the year. During the summer months, ceiling fans provide you and your family with some much–need interior breeze which can assist your AC in cooling things down. This allows you to adjust the thermostat accordingly, as it brings the cold air at the bottom of the floor and recirculates it continuously.

During the winter months, the ceiling fan operates in reverse in order to push down the heated air stuck at the top of the ceiling and recirculate it throughout the home. This also allows you to be comfortable at a lower temperature than you otherwise would. The ceiling fan is not only about improving your comfort, but also your energy efficiency.

Professional Ceiling Fan Installation

Let our electricians take care of your ceiling fan installation so that you can be confident in the results. We use only quality equipment from leading names in the industry because we know that you want your ceiling fan to work silently and productively for as long as possible. We work with homes and budgets of all sizes, and we can find a ceiling fan layout that will optimize your comfort year–round.

Our Ceiling Fan Repair Service in Boerne, TX

If you find that your ceiling fans have gone wobbly, they make an irritating noise or that they simply won’t turn on, then let us know. We can send an electrician over to your home to have it checked out. When it comes to ceiling fan repair service, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time. Call D'Spain Sales and Service today.