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Leak Detection and Repair Services in Boerne, TX

 D'Spain Sales and Service  is one of the most trusted Boerne, TX plumbers, and we'd be happy to help identify and fix any leak in your plumbing system. 

Every home has a plumbing system, and most of the pipes in that system run through hidden spots such as the crawlspace behind your walls or under your floors. When leaks spring up there, it can be a big problem. Leaks in pipes with obvious locations (such as under your sink) tend to make themselves clear very quickly. But if a leak takes place out of sight, it can continue for weeks or even months, and can cause a great deal of water damage in the process.

Here in Boerne, TX, you can count on the friendly pros at D'Spain Sales and Service  for quality leak detection and leak repair services. We move quickly, but never skimp on quality, and when we’re done, your pipes will be as good as new. Request an estimate or call us today – we serve homes throughout the Boerne, TX area – and let us show you what we can do!

Learn to Spot the Signs

The problem with hidden leaks is that you need to realize there’s a problem before you can call in a plumber. The signs of leaks can be subtle, but the sooner you spot them, the less damage will be caused by the leaking water. Signs can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Soft spots in the walls or ceiling.
  • Warm or cold spots near where the water is leaking.
  • Unexpected spikes in your monthly water bills.
  • Mold growth in unexpected locations.
  • Loss of water pressure in one or more outlets affected by the leak.
  • The sounds of dripping or running water where you don’t expect to hear them.

If you notice these signs, shut off water to the expected area and call us immediately.

Skilled Plumbers Can Handle Leak Detection

Homeowners in the Boerne, TX area can spot the signs of a problem if they know what to look for, but solving the issue means first detecting and pinpointing the exact location of the leak. For that, trained plumbers use high–end tools that are expensive and unpragmatic for most homeowners. (They’re very expensive, for starters, and the average home won’t have need of them for more than a handful of times at the most.)

Plumbers use them on a regular basis however, and with our training and knowledge, we can deploy them to provide uncannily accurate leak detection. They can include anything from pressure gauges and seismic detectors to video camera inspection. Our trained technicians are skilled in a variety of leak detection services, so call on us today!

We Handle Leak Repair the Right Way

The extent of our leak detection services means that we can spot the extent of a given leak as well as its likely cause. That means when we fix the leak, we don’t need to do any second–guessing, and there won’t be any hidden surprises like further corrosion elsewhere in the pipes.

As a result, the leak can be repaired swiftly before any further damage occurs to surrounding material (such as drywall and floorboards). More importantly, the issue causing the leak can be identified and steps can be taken to ensure that your pipes stay tight and sealed going forward!