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Ductless Heating Services in Boerne & the surrounding Texas Hill Country

Are you tired of poor indoor air quality as a result of using old and grimy ductwork in your home? Are you concerned about the high energy bills during the winter? Would you like a more versatile heating system in the home? Although we started this business some time ago, we have remained current with the latest industry trends and ductless heating has been slowly building inertia over the years as a viable alternative to duct–based systems. We offer comprehensive ductless heating services throughout the greater Boerne, TX area, including installation, replacement, repair and maintenance.

When choosing a company to take care of your ductless heating service, or any HVAC service for that matter, make sure you do so with a reputable team that puts your comfort and convenience first. At D'Spain Sales and Service, we have been family owned and operated since 1974, and in that time, we have delivered exceptional customer service and workmanship. We continue to do the same today. Whether you need a new ductless heating system or your existing system needs to be repaired or maintained, you can count on us every time. Call now to schedule an appointment.

The Boerne, TX heating experts at D'Spain Sales and Service offer professional ductless heating services throughout the Texas Hill Country area.

How a Ductless Mini Split Works

A conventional forced–air distribution system works by means of a central air handler that transports your indoor air to and from the heat exchanger. A ductless mini split works a bit differently. Instead of one large air handler stowed out of the way, ductless heating works with multiple, compact air handlers that are installed directly within the living space itself. In other respects, the process works much like a conventional heat pump. Without ductwork, you can count on a major boost to your home’s energy efficiency year–round.

Ductless Heating Installation and Replacement

While it’s true that you don’t require the installation of ductwork in your home if you opt for ductless heating, that doesn’t mean that you can forego professional installation of the system itself. Whether you’re switching over from a duct–based furnace or heat pump, or you’re starting fresh with a new HVAC system, we can provide everything you could possibly need. We’ll make sure that your ductless heating installation runs smoothly.

We can also help you in the event that your existing ductless mini split system needs to be swapped out for a new model. While your system may have broken down irreparably, there are other signs that could be construed as a call for replacement, including frequent repairs and a serious loss of performance and efficiency.

Ductless Heating Repair and Maintenance

In addition to our installation service, you can count on our team for all of your ductless heating repair and maintenance in Boerne, TX. Whether you find that your ductless system makes a loud and obnoxious sound or your energy bills have skyrocketed, we can find a solution quickly. Our technicians are also available for ductless heating maintenance to keep your system at the top of its game. All you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call.

Inverter Technology

New advancements have been made to ductless heating systems that allow you to run your unit at full capacity with high–efficiency in the lowest of temperatures. This hyper–heating inverter technology allows your heat pump to collect energy that would otherwise be lost through the coil on the outside of your home. This is highly important in colder climates where normal heat pumps without inverter technology will lose pressure within their compressor and thus perform at a lower, less–efficient capacity. Give us a call today to learn more about how inverter technology can improve the longevity and efficiency of your ductless heating unit!