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Air Conditioning Services in Boerne, TX

Are you looking for an excellent air conditioner for your home in Boerne or the surrounding Texas Hill Country? Are you having a difficult time figuring out what type of cooling system would work best for your family’s comfort needs? Let us help. It gets hot in Boerne, TX and the Texas Hill Country as residents and visitors alike know all too well. In order to combat the heat, you need not just a powerful air conditioner, but also an efficient one so that your energy bills remain low without having to sacrifice your comfort. Request an estimate.

At D'Spain Sales & Service, Inc., we offer exceptional air conditioning services throughout Boerne, TX and the surrounding Texas Hill Country area, including:

We’re proud to provide excellent air conditioning repair and routine maintenance services to optimize your cooling system. Family owned and operated since 1974, we made our reputation with customer service excellence. We stand behind all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today.

Your Air Conditioner Installation Options

If you want a year–round cooling option that also heats your home during the winter, then a heat pump, ductless mini split or geothermal system might be right for you. Whether you need a whole–house air conditioner for your new home build project, or your existing AC needs to be swapped out for a new one, you can count on us. We also offer conventional central air conditioners whose power and budget–conscious pricing have made them a highly popular choice. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today when you want a new cooling system. Make no mistake. Your HVAC installation must be carried out by a professional who has been trained in the science of cooling. When you deal with the HVAC experts on our team, we make certain that your system’s cooling capacity matches the size of your living space, that your ductwork is appropriately fitted, and that your budgetary requirements are satisfied. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today when you want a new cooling system installed in your home.

AC Repair and Maintenance Go Hand in Hand

When you hear your AC begin to make an awful sound or you find that your energy bills are exorbitant without good reason, chances are that you need professional air conditioning repair services. As soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary with your cooling system, it’s best to call in a trained and certified technician to have a look. While you can depend on us for prompt AC repair in the event that your system is damaged, we can only do so if you let us know. To do that, you need to know what to look for, as not all air conditioning problems involve the complete breakdown of the cooling system. For example, the energy inefficiency that leads to high energy bills is one such sign that there could be an issue, such as low refrigerant caused by a leak or frozen coils. Another sign is a particularly loud or weird noise coming from the air conditioner. This often indicates a damaged or loose component. Such issues should be reported directly to us so that we can come have a look. Allowing problems to linger only leads to more trouble. Even better, plan for a regular maintenance session once or twice a year to protect your system from developing problems that lead to costly repairs. When you have a problem with your air conditioner, you need to make sure that your equipment is serviced only by a professional. The reason for this is clear. It’s the same reason that you hire a mechanic to service your car or a professional contractor to put an addition on your home: you want the job done right the first time. But be warned, attempting to repair your own AC may lead to further damage or disappointing results. Give us a call here at D'Spain Sales & Service, Inc. if you’re having any cooling difficulties. Our air conditioner repair technicians can be there in no time to sort the issue out.

Be Ready for AC Replacement When the Time Is Right

Whether your AC has broken down completely and irreparably, or you find that your repair bills have made your current system untenable, you may need air conditioning replacement at some point. As with AC installation, your air conditioning replacement service should be completed by a professional technician. Your old system needs to be carefully removed in order to preserve the ductwork as well as any other auxiliary components your system may have. We can help you find a replacement that matches your home and your budget. Give D'Spain Sales & Service, Inc. a call today to schedule your AC replacement service in Boerne, TX.

Air Conditioning with Inverter Technology

Air conditioning systems are more complex than many homeowners may realize. And, while the overall function of an AC remains unchanged—the purpose is always to cool one’s home—the technology used in order to do so does enjoy substantial upgrades occasionally. This is certainly the case with inverter technology.

When you use an air conditioner with inverter technology, you won’t hear your air conditioner starting up and cycling down as frequently as you’re used to. That is because inverter technology allows the compressor to modulate its operation depending upon temperatures and conditions within the home. Basically, the system automatically adjusts its output in order to maximize efficiency and comfort.