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UV Air Purifiers in Boerne & the surrounding Texas Hill Country

Ultraviolet has long been used to sterilize laboratory equipment and to purify water, as well as to provide a nice tan, but it is also used within the HVAC industry to clean up your air. A UV air purifier, also known as a germicidal UV light, is a compact device built for destroying microorganisms such as mold, mildew and bacteria as they pass through your duct–based heating and/or cooling system. As with all indoor air quality upgrades, you need to make sure that yours is professionally installed and serviced. We offer comprehensive UV air purifier services throughout the Boerne, TX area, including the installation of new equipment as well as repair, maintenance and replacement.

When it comes to keeping your indoor air at a high level, you need to do more than just adjust the temperature on the thermostat. If you believe that your home has a noxious accumulation of mold spores, mildew, bacteria or something else, we can help. Since 1974, we have taken pride in our ability to provide excellent customer service and quality workmanship on everything we do. Whether you want a new UV air purifier installed from scratch or your existing model needs service. Everything that we do comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you’re covered. Give us a call today so that we can start making improvements to your domestic life.

The Boerne, TX air conditioning experts at D'Spain Sales and Service offer quality UV air purifiers and UV air purifier services throughout the Texas Hill Country area.

How a UV Air Purifier Works

A UV air purifier is fundamentally a lamp that uses ultraviolet light to destroy biological contaminants at the genetic level as they pass through the device. Unlike an air filter that captures particles, this germicidal light kills them. They are integrated directly within your air handler or strategically placed in nearby ductwork. Because all of your indoor air passes through this HVAC system regularly, a UV air purifier affects your entire home.

The Importance of Professional UV Air Purifier Installation

There are many benefits to installing a UV air purifier in your home. For one, you can rest easy knowing that your family’s health is improved. Poor indoor air quality is one of the top health risks in the US, according to the EPA. Ensuring that your allergies won’t be further exacerbated by the presence of mold, mildew or bacteria is a great way to go about making improvements throughout the home. But all of those benefits ultimately rest upon the quality of the installation itself. If you’re curious about UV germicidal lights or know that you want to take control over your indoor air quality, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our indoor air quality experts.

Servicing Your UV Air Purifier

Although UV air purifiers require very little maintenance beyond the changing of the lamp bulbs, keep an eye on your equipment to make sure everything is in good working order. If you suspect that your purifier is not working well for whatever reason, then you can entrust our HVAC technicians to provide a solution. Our professionals are standing by, ready to undertake your project. Give us a call today for all of your UV air purifier service needs in Boerne, TX.