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Reasons to Upgrade Your Home’s Indoor Lighting


When was the last time you made any major changes to the lighting in your home? Do you still have light fixtures that were in place when you purchased the home, even if they aren’t something you would have personally chosen? Are you still using incandescent bulbs? Do you have enough light in all the rooms in your home? Are you happy with the tone or color of the light in your home?

When you reflect on these questions, if you find that you’re not fully happy with your lighting, the best choice is to work with an electrician to make a better plan. Here are some great reasons to make changes to your home’s lighting, because a fresh, upgraded lighting scheme will provide a wide array of benefits.

Energy Efficiency

Old incandescent bulbs used a ton of energy. If those are still present in your home, you’re paying a lot more than you need to for lighting. In addition to that, poorly-placed lighting or less-than-ideal fixtures could be causing you to turn on more lights and use more energy. With a good plan for light placement and modern LEDs, you could cut your electric bill and do planet Earth a favor.

Quality of Light

When incandescents first started to be phased out, many people switched to compact fluorescent lightbulbs. These cut energy use, but the quality of light might still leave something to be desired. LED bulbs come in a wide range of color tones and brightness, making it possible to choose lights that are pleasing to your eyes and flattering to your home. 

Home Resale Value

You’re probably not considering selling your home right now. But when you make changes, it’s always good to consider how they will affect the value of your home. Choosing new, tasteful fixtures can make a big difference without the high cost of a major remodel. Pleasing tones and a good layout of fixtures for your indoor lighting in Bandera, TX can help your home to look its best.

More Availability of Light

If there are dim or shadowy areas in your home, it can have negative impacts in a variety of ways. Working from home may be more difficult. You may struggle with hobbies, artwork, or applying makeup in dim light. And for anyone whose mobility needs may be of concern, such as the visually impaired, the elderly, or toddlers just learning to walk, good lighting (particularly along the stairs) can decrease risks of falling or bumping into things. 


Old lighting fixtures may have electrical connections that have deteriorated. They may have been poorly done to begin with. There may be old wiring from before modern advances in electrical work. Assessing and mitigating any safety risks from your fixtures is part of redesigning the lighting in your home, and it could save your life. The National Fire Protection Association states that 11% of deaths from house fires are the result of electrical wiring and related equipment catching fire. 

If you’re thinking about making some changes to improve the lighting in your home, we’d love to work with you to plan something that meets all your needs and makes your house safe and beautiful.

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