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Tripped Fuses? Here’s What to Do

We’ve seen this scene in countless horror movies. It’s a rainy spring night, you’re snuggled up under a blanket to watch a movie, and all of a sudden the lights and electrical devices in the living room go out. Someone’s going to have to draw the short straw and head down to the basement to see what went wrong. If you’re lucky, this is just a one-time event or an anomaly that probably won’t happen again. However, we’re obviously not just talking to lucky customers here.

From the point of view of electricians in Kerrville, TX, this should never really happen. If your fuses are constantly tripping, there could be something seriously wrong with your electrical panel. Nope, don’t start furiously searching online for DIY repairs for an electrical panel, this can be illegal and downright dangerous. Call us and keep reading.

What Tripped Fuses Mean

Your electrical panel (or fuse box for those older homes) sends electrical energy to different areas of your home. Think of this like the veins in your body, each area of your home requiring a different amount of energy for the different devices and appliances that are run in them. Every time you plug something into an outlet, your electrical panel automatically senses that you’re drawing energy from the power grid, and sends the appropriate amount to the device so that it can run. Simple, right?

Well, a home’s electrical system needs to be set up accordingly for a specific amount of energy usage. It’s not just about having a million little wires connected to every outlet in your home, it’s about having the right sized electrical system to hold the electrical load for your whole home. An improperly sized electrical panel will struggle to provide energy to all of the appliances in your home.

So, when your electrical panel or fuse box tries to draw more power than it’s intended to hold, it will trip the circuit, cutting the power to that specific area of your home so that it avoids overheating and starting a fire.

What You Can Do to Help

The best thing you can do for a constantly tripping fuse is to call for a professional. While we’d understand the argument that this doesn’t feel like the best solution to the problem, it absolutely is. Handling your fuse system without proper training or equipment can be a safety hazard and can also cause way more damage than you’d like.

However, your job isn’t just to wait around for an electrical to show up. It’s time to start taking notes!

Jot down the number of times you’ve tripped the circuits in your home. Also, make sure you know where your electrical panel is, write down notes about any problematic outlets, and communicate those problems clearly with your electrician.

Call Us

It’s much easier to figure out what’s going on with your electrical system if you work together with us. By providing the information we just mentioned, we can locate the problem, provide some long-term solutions, and move on from there.

Contact D’Spain Sales & Service for proper electrical work.

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