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Common Heating System Problems

As a homeowner, it’s always good to have a basic understanding of what kinds of common problems can develop with your heating system. This isn’t so you embark on repairing your system yourself – that should be left to the experts – but so that you aren’t completely in the dark when your technician tells you what is going on should your heating system needs repair. Following are some examples of the common problems our D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc. technicians encounter pretty frequently:

Thermostat Issues

Whenever you have a heating system problem, one of the first places your technician will check is the thermostat; this is because your thermostat controls the operation of your system, and if it is malfunctioning, your system won’t work as it should. Common issues with thermostats are dying or dead batteries, worn and/or corroded wiring, dusty instrumentation and calibration problems.

No/Low Heat

Depending on the type of system you have, there are several causes for low or no heat, and one of the easiest to diagnose and repair is a clogged air filter. Other reasons can be electrical issues, refrigerant leaks (heat pumps) and issues with the blower (forced air systems). Because there are a number of reasons that can cause a lack of heating for your home, it’s important to always hire a professional for repair.

Ignition Problems

If you have a combustion heating system, a number of problems can develop with the components that help ignite your burner. Systems with electronic ignition can have problems with the flame sensor, placement of the igniter and dirt and dust; systems with standing pilots may have an issue keeping the pilot lit. Ignition issues can be complex, so it isn’t advisable to try and repair an ignition problem on your own; instead, call for an expert.

Your heater is a mechanical device, so at some point it is likely that a problem will develop with the system. Only trained experts should work on a heating system, so if yours needs repair, call the professionals you can count on: D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc. We provide quality heating repair in the Fair Oaks Ranch area.

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