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Heating Tips for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is here and many residents of Kerrville, TX will be hosting friends and family members for the big meal (and to cheer the Cowboys on as they continue their brilliant run this season). But do all of those people in your home affect your heating system? In point of fact, they do, as does the time you spend in your kitchen preparing a big meal. The good news is that the elevated heat levels can spell relief for your system. Here are a few tips on how to let you make the most of it.

Check the System for Problems

If you’ve encountered any problems with your heating system in the last few weeks, make sure you schedule repairs before your family arrives. If you’re not sure if there are any problems and you haven’t scheduled an annual maintenance session yet, do so now. It will give a technician a chance to look over the heater for any signs of trouble.

Lower the Heat Once the Party Starts

When friends and family arrive, their presence will provide a good deal of extra heat, as will the oven where the turkey is roasting. You can do yourself a favor by setting the temperature 5 degrees cooler than you normally would once the festivities start. People won’t complain of overheating and you can give your heater a bit of a break for the big day.

Run the Air Conditioner Before the Party Starts

It may seem counter-intuitive, but running the air conditioner will help lower humidity levels in your home. High humidity can be created when a lot of people are present in the house, because exhalations raise moisture levels. Running your AC will help curtail that and ensure that your home stays comfortable when your guests arrive.

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