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Want to Maximize Your Heating This Winter? Consider a Heat Recovery Ventilator

It is the time of year for family and friends, but it is also the time of year for the true beginnings of cold weather here in Bandera, TX. One of the biggest challenges homeowners have during the winter months is the cost of heating, which is tied directly to the efficiency of your home. What if we told you that we have a component that can help with both, plus add fresh air to your home continuously? We do, and the component is called a heat recovery ventilator, also known as an HRV.

What It Is

A heat recovery ventilator is in the same family of components as the energy recovery ventilator, but an HRV is only for use with your heating, whereas an ERV is for both heating and cooling. Like an ERV, the HRV has a heat exchanger at its core, but instead of applying both moisture and thermal energy to the incoming air via your outgoing, stale air, the HRV applies the existing thermal energy in the expelled air to your incoming cool, dry air.

Why Do This?

Having an air-tight home is great for efficiency but not good for healthy ventilation. Throwing open a window isn’t really an option during the winter months, so how can you get fresh air into your home without spending a fortune on heating? This is where the HRV comes in. As the HRV expels your stale, warm, air, it also draws in fresh air from the outside with a fan. The thermal energy from your outgoing indoor air is applied to the fresh air coming in, which is then funneled to your heating system for use. These actions provide your home pre-warmed air that reduces the amount of energy your heating system has to use as well as fresh air for your entire home.

Sound like your home may benefit from a heat recovery ventilator? Then call the pros at D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc., today!

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