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Is It a Plumbing Emergency? 5 Ways to Know


Being hesitant to call a plumber because you aren’t sure whether your situation qualifies as an emergency is understandable. You should never be afraid to ask for some help determining exactly how serious your situation is.

Putting off getting professional help when you have a plumbing concern can lead to much bigger problems, like extensive water damage. We’ve got five questions to ask yourself that will help you assess whether your problem is serious enough to warrant emergency plumbing service.

1: Do You Have Water?

If you try turning on your faucets and you don’t have water anywhere in your house, that definitely sounds like an emergency, right? But there’s something you should consider first. A municipal problem interrupting water service to your area, while still an emergency, is not something that would require you to call a plumber. So check with your neighbors to see whether their service is interrupted, or call your water provider. If the problem is truly only occurring in your home, it’s definitely time for an emergency plumber in Spring Branch, TX.

2: Is Water Leaking?

We’re not talking about a drip from a faucet that lands safely in a sink. We’re talking about a broken pipe or cracked connector, a gush or spray or water, or even a spreading damp stain on a wall, ceiling, or floor. The longer this goes on, the more your home will be damaged by the water. This can mean dissolved drywall, rotten floorboards, unstable joists, and major mildew problems. Don’t let this happen to your home!

First, locate your main water shutoff, which will be on the wall nearest the street if you have city water or the wall nearest the well if you don’t. Stop that water from flowing and call for emergency plumbing assistance.

3: Is Your Foundation Cracking?

A slab leak occurs in pipes that are below your concrete foundation. This can lead to wasting a massive (and expensive) amount of water. You’ll probably be more worried about the damage it can do to your home. If you spot significant cracks in your basement or foundation slab, hear water trickling in that area when no water is being run, or discover surprising spikes in your water bill, treating it like an emergency now will mean avoiding disaster later.

4: Do You Have Drain Problems?

A single clogged drain on occasion is perfectly normal. If you have multiple slow or clogged drains in your home, foul odors drifting up from your drains, or a suspiciously lush patch of greenery in an otherwise ordinary yard, you might have bigger problems with your drain and sewer pipes. Improperly vented sewer gasses can be very dangerous to breathe, and that well-fertilized area could be from sewage contaminating your yard from a broken pipe, so don’t delay: call a plumber!

5: Does This Matter Deeply to You?

There doesn’t have to be a house-destroying problem for something to be an emergency to you. If Grandma’s wedding ring or a child’s first lost tooth goes down the drain, turn off the water, don’t use the sink, and call a plumber. If it matters deeply to you, it matters to us, too.

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