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When to Call for Emergency Plumbing Support

Plumbing emergencies don’t always work like they do in cartoons or movies from when we were kids. Chances are, if your plumbing system is leaking gallons of water every second into your basement, then you already know that you need emergency plumbing help. That’s an obvious situation, and we’re going to trust that homeowners know what to do when that happens.

However, there are less obvious situations that might still require emergency plumbing support, but you might not know it at the time. Many plumbing problems are insidious, meaning they’re a lot worse than they seem, and a professional plumber might be your best solution in the moment.

Let’s focus on one question today: When should you call for an emergency plumber in Helotes, TX? There’s a pretty easy way to figure out whether your situation requires emergency help, and we’ll get to it down below!

Drain Clogs Can Be Emergencies

There’s a misconception going around that drain clogs can’t be plumbing emergencies. Sure, they might not be actively harming your lifestyle in the same way that a leak would, but they’re still hurting your quality of life. Depending on your plans the night you get a drain clog, they could absolutely ruin your life!

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that drain clogs can be a sign of something else. If multiple drains are clogging, for instance, that could be a sewer clog. Sewer clogs are a much worse problem than just a simple drain clog, and they’ll stop all of your appliances and drains from properly flushing wastewater away.

It’s a safe bet to call us when you encounter a drain clog, no matter what time of the day it is. We’ll be honest with you and we’ll work out whether it can wait, or if it needs to be fixed now.

A Leak Can Be an Emergency, Even if You Don’t Know Where It Is

Some homeowners believe that in order for a leak to be an emergency, it needs to be gushing from a pipe at record speed. This definitely isn’t the case. Even a small leak can be a huge problem for your home. Small leaks can still lead to mold growth and wasted water, and they’ll also ruin your home’s humidity levels.

Even pinhole leaks can be emergencies because they’re harder to locate and notice, but they’ll drain the water that you end up paying for.

Do yourself a favor when you suspect a leak–check your home’s water meter. If it’s still running even though you’re not using any water, then you’ve got a leak somewhere. Our team can support you no matter what time it is!

Ask Us If You’re on the Fence!

Are you unsure as to whether or not your problem constitutes a plumbing emergency? Then call us anyways! We can talk about it, and we’ll always tell you our professional opinion on what we believe to be an emergency. We’re here to help, and we want homeowners to be able to relax in their own homes, no matter when that might be!

Call D’Spain Sales & Service for emergency plumbing services you can count on!

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