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Get Private Wells Tested Today

Techs_and_Plumbers_dreamstime_xl_19839339-meWe live in a rural part of the state, which means that many homes in the area operate off of the civic water and electrical systems. Instead, they get their water from private wells and other sources. It’s a practical necessity – you can’t simply run piping thirty miles to a single home – and usually works quite well for meeting your home water needs. Private wells do mean you need to keep them maintained yourself, however, and in those circumstances, a good plumber can be your best friend.

That’s why it’s a good idea to have your well water tested on a regular basis by a trained professional now that spring is here. Water testing is designed to alert you to a number of potential issues, including the following:

  • Bacteria growth and mold growth, which is common in our area especially during the rainy season. Water testing can spot the presence of harmful biological contaminants.
  • Hard water, which is water with an unusually high amount of mineral content. It’s not actively harmful the way bacteria is, but it can damage pipes if left untreated and leaves a strange metallic taste when you drink it.
  • Nitrate and other poisons. Fertilizers, animal waste and other products of farming communities can sometimes end up in well water. Proper testing will detect their presence quickly.

Regular Testing is Recommended

Regular testing sessions are very important not only to help you identify an immediate problem, but to spot recurring problems over time. The goal of water testing is to provide you with information that you need. In the immediate term, it can identify the precise nature of a problem such as a bacterial growth that can affect the well-being of your household. That lets the plumber address it properly and ensure that your water stays safe and potable. But recurring problems are not uncommon at all. Mold and fungus can return every rainy season, for example, while hard water is endemic of this part of the world and won’t go away anytime soon.

That’s why regular testing on an annual schedule is a good idea. Not only does it provide regular examination to catch any trouble, but by identifying recurring trends, it helps you set up a plan of attack to deal with them on an ongoing basis. So if hard water is a regular issue, for example, you can spot it and plan for an ongoing contingency, such as a water softener. Or if mold or bacteria keeps cropping up, you can install a water purification system such as a UV water purifier. Information is the first weapon you need to deploy when dealing with these issues, and a water testing service conducted by the same plumbers you trust to implement solutions with your plumbing system gives you the dependability you need to keep your well water safe and potable no matter what.

If you depend on well water or a similar private water source for your Helotes, TX home, you could benefit from a regular water testing schedule. Call D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc. today!

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