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Why You Need Professionals for Rain Water Collection System Installation

Recently, two of our technicians were able to help out the Bandera Boys and Girls Club by helping to install the electrical circuit for their rain water collection system. We specialize in services for rain water collection systems and were happy to lend our help to this important organization. Doing jobs like this brings sharp attention to why it is important to hire experts when handling a system like this. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Electrical work – any system that requires even a modicum of electrical work or electricity should always be handled by someone who is trained to do so. Allowing someone inept to wire a system, including yourself, can mean damaging your system or even putting your personal safety at risk. Nothing is worth this kind of cost.
  • Correct measuring of roof space – in order to collect as much rain water as possible, it is necessary to correctly calculate the amount of roof space so that the right amount and sized gutters can be installed for collection. This takes experience, especially for complicated roof structures.
  • Calculating tank size – the purpose of collecting rain water is to significantly reduce the amount of water you are using from the ground. As such, it is absolutely necessary to know just how big of a tank you’ll need, and to find this out, you need an expert who can correctly calculate your roof’s area, the amount of average rainfall and the consumption rate of the water collected.
  • Gutter design – the gutters for a rain collection system are not like normal gutters. This is because specific slopes need to be utilized to maximize the collection. Trained experts know which types of slopes to use and where.

Rain water collection can be a great alternative for many ranches and farms in our area. If you have considered using a rain collection system for your property in Helotes, TX, call the experts at D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc., today!

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