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HVAC Contractors, Plumbers & Electricians in Castroville, TX

Are you looking for a new heating and cooling system for your home or business? Is your home well equipped with a whole house generator to get through the next storm? Are you looking for a trustworthy company who can take care of your home comfort and convenience needs?

At D'Spain Sales and Service, we offer excellent residential and commercial air conditioning, heating, plumbing, and electrical services throughout the greater Castroville, TX area. Whether you need new equipment installed or your existing equipment serviced, we can provide elegant, cost-effective and custom solutions that will improve your living and work spaces. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and our technicians are highly trained.

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Do You Need Air Conditioning Services in Castroville, TX?

Staying cool in the Castroville, TX area is not difficult when you draw on the technical expertise and experience of our team. We offer a number of different air conditioners for installation in your home, from heat pumps and central air units to inverters, ductless mini splits and geothermal systems. We offer exceptional air conditioning services that can keep your existing cooling system in good working order for the years ahead. Whether you need your AC fixed or regularly cleaned, adjusted, or inspected for maximum performance and efficiency, we deliver solutions.

We Offer Air Conditioning Installation

When it comes to your air conditioning installation, you need to make sure that you hire a professional who can get the job done right the first time. Our air conditioning installation service ensures that your home is cooled effectively and efficiently for years to come.

We Offer Air Conditioning Replacement

There may come a time when your AC no longer delivers on its promise of refreshment. If the time has come for you to retire your cooling system, then let us take care of your air conditioning replacement service. We can make certain that your old system is carefully removed and that your new one is appropriately sized.

We Offer Air Conditioning Repair

If you want to make sure that your AC is fixed properly, then don’t waste time on DIY approaches. Professional air conditioning repair is a simple phone call away. We service all makes and models and we can make certain that your cooling is restored quickly.

We Offer Air Conditioning Maintenance

Keeping your AC in good working order means much more than just changing the air filter every once in a while. We offer comprehensive air conditioning maintenance throughout the Castroville, TX area. This cost-effective tune-up leads to improved energy efficiency and performance of your system.

We Install & Service:

Do You Need A Heating System or Heater Services in Castroville, TX?

Whether you’re in need of a new gas furnace, heat pump or geothermal system, or your existing heater simply fails to deliver, make sure that you hire a professional to do the job. At D'Spain Sales and Service, we offer a wide range of heating systems for installation and replacement as well as heater services such as repair and maintenance. In short, we are your one-stop shop for all things heating.

We Offer Heating Installation

Much depends upon your heating installation. You need to make sure you have high quality equipment, of course, but without a high quality installation, you have little hope of benefiting from your new HVAC system. Let us take care of your new system so that it works exactly as it should.

We Offer Heating Repair

There will likely come a time when you need to hire a professional to take care of your system, whether because of inefficiency, breakdown or some other mishap. With our heating repair service in Castroville, TX, you can count on the restoration of your warmth and comfort.

We Install & Service:

Our Castroville, TX Electricians Provide the Following Electrical Services

Not only do we offer comprehensive HVAC services, but we also employ a staff of highly trained and certified electricians in order to take care of any electrical services that you may require in your home. Although we take the electrical systems in our homes for granted on a daily basis, ensuring that your home uses electricity safely is essential to the convenience and security of your home. Let our electricians take care of your new electrical installation as well as any electrical repairs.

We Offer Home Automation Services

Home automation is becoming more and more popular as homeowners realize the many benefits of synchronizing their electrical, HVAC and security systems. Our electricians offer excellent home automation services in the Castroville, TX area, from installation to replacement, repair to maintenance. Our electricians use only quality home control systems, such as RadioRa 2.

We Install & Service:

Plumbing Services For Your Kitchen, Bathroom & More

Most plumbing calls involve kitchen/bathroom services: either dealing with a key fixture in those locations, or one of the pipes that feeds them. That’s because those areas tend to see the most activity, which means they are often the most in need of repair, and can’t wait long to be serviced since your whole family depends on them. That’s why we provide all manner of kitchen/bathroom services: whether it’s unclogging a drain on installing a new sink.

Avoid Drain Cleaning by Watching What You Toss Down

In many cases, a drain clog or similar issue is created simply because the wrong material was thrown down the drain. If you can watch what you put down the sink - especially in the kitchen - you can easily prevent the need for a drain cleaning service. Avoid dumping fats, oils and grease down the drain, as well as things like pasta, potato peelings, coffee grounds and seeds. Throw them in the garbage instead, and you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble!

Gas and Electric Water Heaters Have Different Needs

Most homes rely on gas water heaters, which use burners fueled by natural gas lines to heat the water. They’re safe and effective, but they’re not right for every home, especially rural homes that might not have access to civic gas lines.

For those houses, electric water heaters can do the job as well, relying on your home’s power grid for heat energy instead of burning gas. Make sure you have a plumbing service that handle your unique system.

Commercial Plumbing Services Include Drain Cleaning

Drains are among the most common causes of problems with any plumbing system. That’s compounded in commercial settings, where a clog or a leak in a drain can release wastewater into a building with hundreds of people. Problems with the drains can set your business back by days if you let it. That’s why we offer quality   commercial drain cleaning services to make sure those pesky clogs and leaks affect neither your customers nor your employees.

Do You Need Commercial HVAC Services in Castroville, TX?

Keeping everyone on your commercial property comfortable throughout the year is important for employee productivity, tenant retention and customer satisfaction. As a leading provider of commercial HVAC services throughout the Castroville, TX area, we make sure that our customers have everything they need to ensure comfort for everyone on their premises. The success of your business may depend on it. We install, repair, replace and maintain central air conditioners, ductless mini splits, heat pumps and geothermal systems. Call D'Spain Sales and Service today to schedule service.

We Offer Commercial Heating Services

In order to get the most from your commercial heating system, it needs to be regularly maintained on an annual basis. Our commercial heating services cover the full gamut of installation, replacement and repair, but we’re also available to routinely clean, adjust and inspect your furnace or heat pump for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

We Offer Commercial Air Conditioning Services

When the heat and humidity begin to rise in the Castroville, TX area, you’ll be glad that you hired the professionals at D'Spain Sales and Service to complete your commercial air conditioning installation service. We offer a number of different makes and models, and we also repair and maintain ACs.

We Offer Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services

There are a number of different factors to consider when it comes to your indoor air quality. It’s not just about temperature, but also about the level of humidity in the air as well as the quantity of airborne contaminants and pollutants. We offer a number of different commercial indoor air quality services that can improve conditions in your building. Call us today.

Private Water Supplies Mean Water Well Services in Castroville

Homes based in towns and cities can make use of the municipal water supplies, which provides filtration to keep the water clean and potable. Rural homeowners have no such resources to rely on, which means they need to handle issues of cleanliness and health themselves. That calls for a water well service that can test for potential contaminants, install proper filtration systems in your plumbing, and keep those systems repaired and maintained when trouble occurs.