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What to Do if Your Air Conditioner Shuts Down

With timely maintenance and good preventative measures, your air conditioner will function as anticipated all summer long. But our summers in Helotes, TX are as hot as they come, when then the unexpected occurs, you need to know how to respond. Calling the right repair service is the first step, but there are other things you can do to contain the damage both before and after you make the call. Here’s a quick guide.

  1. Check the breaker box and the thermostat to make sure the system didn’t shut down because of a fluke surge or someone brushing against the controls.
  2. Turn the system off, even if it isn’t running, to preserve power and prevent further damage.
  3. Refrain from opening any outside doors or windows. Every time you do, it will blow cool air out of your home and help it heat up all the more quickly.
  4. Limit any strenuous activities and take it as easy as possible. Keep everyone inside — including pets — and try to refrain from watching television or running any non-essential appliances: they’ll generate heat. Sit and read or play a board game with family members, any anything that involves little physical activity.
  5. Run ceiling fans or portable fans to circulate the air.
  6. Close the blinds if sunlight is streaming in. The sunlight will heat up your home more quickly.
  7. Close the doors to unused rooms and try to avoid going in them if at all possible.
  8. Hydrate. The biggest concern if your air conditioner goes down is heat stroke and similar conditions. Stay hydrated with cold water or fruit juice and make sure pets, infants, the elderly and others are getting enough to drink.

Keep the air conditioner off until help arrives. A call to D’Spain will send a professional air conditioner repair technician your way in a flash.

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