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Why is Low Air Flow a Problem with My AC?

You might not think that reduced air flow from your air conditioner is a big problem, and indeed, it can be tough to spot if you don’t stand right in front of a vent and gauge it. But low air flow can spell big trouble for your air conditioning system and with summer more or less here in Kerrville, TX, it’s something you need to address relatively quickly. Why is low air flow a problem with your AC? Let’s take a look.

Efficiency Problems

Low air flow hurts first and foremost because it slows down the system’s ability to cool your home. Your air conditioner has to run for longer periods of time to do its job, which raises your monthly bills and puts increased strain on other parts of the system. That means an increased chance of a larger breakdown the longer the situation remains unaddressed.

More importantly, however, low air flow often means cold air backed up within your system, which can damage a number of internal components over time, and even create ice on the coils. The sooner you deal with the issue, the better off your air conditioner will be.

Possible Causes

The first thing to check on with low air flow is the state of your system’s air filter. Filters need to be changed or cleaned regularly to prevent build up and a lack of air flow. If that doesn’t solve the problem. however, you probably need to summon a repair technician. Trouble with the fan or fan motor, for example, can easily result in low air flow and need a trained technician to deal with. So does a dent or a breach in the ductwork, which a professional can usually fix in relatively quickly.

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