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Why You Need to Change Your AC’s Air Filter

Any air conditioner in a place that can grow as hot as Helotes, TX will do an enormous amount of work during the year. To make sure that an AC works at peak energy efficiency and lasts for as many years as possible, it must have the stress and strain from all the work that it does lessened through regular maintenance.

Most maintenance jobs require an HVAC technician. Arrange to have a full inspection and tune-up for your air conditioning system from a professional each spring. However, there are a few maintenance steps you should take over the summer while the AC runs on a regular basis. One of the most important is to routinely change the air filter, or clean it if the AC uses a permanent filter.

Call D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc. to arrange for spring maintenance for your air conditioning in Helotes, TX. Our technicians will help show you how to take care of changing/cleaning the air filter during the rest of the season.

Why this job is so important

The air filter on your air conditioner isn’t there to protect your indoor air from contaminants, although it does help with this a little. Its real purpose is to keep particles in the air from the return vents from entering the AC and damaging its components. During regular operation, debris such as dust, lint from furniture and carpets, pet hair, and pollen will become trapped in the filter. After a month of steady work, an air conditioner will have a congested filter. Unless the filter is changed or cleaned to get rid of the debris clogging it, it will cause the airflow into the system to drop dramatically.

There are a number of negative consequences to this:

  • Low airflow will force the AC’s mechanical components to work harder, raising operating costs.
  • Less warm air across the evaporator coils may cause them to start to freeze.
  • The airflow from the vents into the rooms will decrease, leading to a drop in comfort.
  • Contaminants may break through the clogged filter and damage the AC.

Changing the filter or cleaning it is a simple task, and you should do it each month during warm weather. Ask your D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc. technician to show you how to do this during the spring maintenance visit. You can rely on us for all your needs for quality air conditioning repair in Helotes, TX.

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