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5 Signs Your Electrical System Needs Assistance

Being a homeowner can be a rough deal. You’ve got so many things to think about, from mortgage payments, to family vacations, to scheduling an air conditioner repair. It’s easy to fall behind on the things that matter without a rigorous calendar or some kind of reminder system. When homeowners are overwhelmed, their electrical systems can easily fall by the wayside to the point where constantly tripping breakers and dysfunctional outlets just seem kind of normal.

We’re here to remind you that no, electrical problems like these are not normal. You might need some serious help from an electrician in Kerrville, TX.

We’ll walk you through a list of some signs that your electrical system needs our help. We won’t push our services too hard, because our main priority today is to make homeowners more aware and informed as to the condition of their home electrical systems.

1. Constantly Tripping Fuses

If your electrical system is constantly tripping and shutting off, then it’s likely your home’s electrical panel is overloaded. If your electrical panel is old, outdated, or perhaps you just added a new set of outlets to your home, you need an electrician to balance the electrical load properly. This can be done easily, as long as you get ahead of it with the help of a professional.

2. Outlets That Don’t Work

One or two outlets that don’t work might not seem like a problem. We’ve all been in that position where you’ve got that one outlet that just doesn’t work very well, or at all, and you just avoid it. While the solution might seem like avoiding it, there could be a serious issue at play that requires the attention of a professional. It’s likely that one malfunctioning outlet isn’t the first broken outlet and it probably won’t be the last!

3. Problems Charging Devices

How long does it take to charge your phone at night? How long does it take for your electric appliances to start up? If it’s taking a long time, this could be from a lack of energy being provided due to an overloaded electrical system. Let one of our professional electricians take a closer look for you.

4. High Energy Bills

This is a big one. Homeowners can get complacent because electrical energy is generally cheap in our area, but that doesn’t mean you’re not paying too much for wasted energy. Those costs add up year after year, and you could be wasting money that would otherwise go to a family vacation. Compare your bills to that of your neighbor and see if you’re paying too much in energy costs. There could be some upgrades that our pros can make which will increase efficiency.

5. Buzzing and Electric Shocks

Your electrical system should run safely. If it’s constantly buzzing, snapping, or causing electrical shocks, then this is a huge problem that should be addressed. Our team can fix this problem and help your electrical system operate safely into the future.

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