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The Benefits of Installing a Generator for Your Home


If there’s one thing Texans have learned in recent years, it’s that you can’t rely on the power grid to be completely up and running all the time. Outages may be planned because high air conditioning usage puts a very high demand on the system. Or they may be the result of a storm or other interruption.

The bottom line is that we must be able to take control of our own power needs. But how? While portable generators are popular, there are many benefits to whole-house generators. Here’s why you should consider having one installed. 


While portable generators can pose major hazards if the exhaust isn’t properly dealt with, whole-house generators are installed with exhaust systems that eliminate any confusion, complication, or carbon monoxide risk. And since whole-house generators are connected directly to your local natural gas lines, a variety of hazards related to purchasing and storing fuel are avoided. There’s no need to rush out in a storm to get to a gas station, and there’s no stored fuel acting as a fire hazard in your home all year round. And keeping your hard-wired smoke detectors receiving constant power is another way that whole-house generators ensure your safety. 


With a portable generator providing a minute amount of power, you may be forced to decide which appliances are necessary and which you must sacrifice. Choosing to keep the air conditioning on during extreme heat may be the only reasonable decision to make, but it’s pretty brutal if that means allowing everything in your fridge and freezer to spoil. A whole-house generator is just that: it powers your whole house, so you don’t have to make those difficult choices.


Whole-house generators are connected to the electrical system of your home. If the power goes out, they come on automatically. You no longer have to worry that an outage when you’re asleep or away from home will leave you with extreme temperatures, spoiled food, or worse. It’s also worth noting that the extension cords required for portable generators, while not usually a major safety hazard, can be an unpleasant inconvenience. 

Peace of Mind

Considering all the issues above, knowing that power outages are a matter of when and not if can be a major source of stress. With whole-house generator installation in Boerne, TX, all that stress can be eliminated. Instead, you’ll be able to stock up on frozen food without worrying that the money will be wasted if the power goes out. You’ll be able to trust that your smoke detectors will always be on and that you don’t have to risk carbon monoxide poisoning to keep your home functional. You’ll be able to go to sleep at night knowing that whatever happens to the power grid overnight will not be a catastrophe for you when you wake up. 

Would you like to discuss the power needs of your home and your options for keeping it running? 

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