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Invest in a Furnace Inspection Today

Monday, January 17th, 2022

Furnaces require maintenance just like any other heating system, but when you’ve got a gas furnace, there’s one additional aspect you need to consider. Safety is always the first priority, but it’s something you’re going to want to remember each year when you go to turn on your system for the first time, or start investigating a problem.

Don’t get us wrong, gas furnaces aren’t dangerous. They’re designed with safety measures in place so that they can easily heat your home without problems. And, to make matters better, they’ve got protocols to shut down whenever a safety issue does come up. But things can go wrong, especially after years of neglect and missed maintenance or repairs, and your furnace could start operating unsafely.

That’s why you need to invest in an inspection. This is the furnace service in Boerne, TX that will set things right for the rest of the year.

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Common Electric Heater Issues

Monday, December 6th, 2021

Most homes in our area are powered by electricity. With that, most of those homes have heating systems that are also powered by electricity. As the power grid gets upgraded and more sustainable sources of energy start pouring in, we’re likely to see our electric heating systems increase in popularity over the coming years. This is a good thing!

However, it’s important that you get your electrical heating system, whether it’s a heat pump or an electric furnace, repaired by a professional technician so you’re in good shape for the future. Heating repair in Boerne can be expensive when homeowners try to fix things themselves or start calling amateurs that live down the street.

Our team specializes in the repair of these kinds of systems, and we can help diagnose the problem starting today! Let’s talk about some common electric heating system issues that you might encounter.

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PVC or Copper: Which to Choose?

Monday, October 11th, 2021

This is a complicated question, and one that we’d like to spend this blog post talking about. There’s no perfect answer, and it’s important that we’re honest with you as your go-to local professional for any questions that pertain to plumbing in Boerne, TX. The truth is that either one of these options is a good choice, but for very different reasons and situations.

If you’re in the market for some repiping, first we recommend that you call us. We’ll walk you through the different types of materials and give you our specific recommendations for your situation. However, if you’re not at that stage yet and you’d rather do a bit more research, then we can help with that.

PVC and copper pipe materials are both great solutions for the specific problem of repiping. But let’s dive into which material is best for your situation or budget.

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The Three Main Types of Leaks

Monday, September 13th, 2021

Leaks are brutal when they occur. We’ve all been there when a leak has caused a complete disruption in our lives and we start furiously searching online for what to do. The stress and commotion of having a leak in your home can be enough to ruin anyone’s day, which is why we’d like to shed some light on this type of situation.

Different leaks have different solutions. In order to have your leaks properly cleaned and patched, it’s important that you get them addressed by a professional. The plumbers on our team can patch your leaks, no matter what size they are, and get your home in working order again.

That being said, as your local expert plumber in Boerne, TX, we think it’s time we talked about the three major types of leaks and what can be done about each one.

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5 Signs You Need an AC Replacement

Monday, August 2nd, 2021

As a responsible homeowner, you should never forget about your air conditioner. Maintenance on a yearly basis can be vital to keeping your system running and timely repairs are an absolute necessity unless you want your system to break down early.

If your air conditioning in Boerne is struggling, there is a chance that it is ready to retire a little earlier than you might like. Identifying and addressing problems quickly can help prevent bigger issues from occurring and extend the lifespan of your system.

Be attentive to how your AC is functioning in order to get the most efficient and longest-lasting performance from your AC. Let’s discuss some of the major tell-tale signs that your AC is in need of replacement.

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Indoor Air FAQ: Harmful or Just Uncomfortable?

Monday, July 5th, 2021

Do you know whether the indoor air quality in your home is safe for you? Many people are aware of all the pollutants in the air outside and how harmful they can be to your health. You might be surprised to learn that indoor pollutant levels can be significantly higher than you might think.

With people spending most of their time indoors, there is a greater chance for people with respiratory conditions to develop health problems due to poor indoor air quality. We will discuss some of the common air quality problems you should know about to understand whether your indoor air is potentially dangerous.

Getting a better understanding of your home’s indoor air quality can help you understand the importance of getting professionals to install an air purifier in Boerne, TX.

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Is My AC Properly Sized?

Monday, June 21st, 2021

The answer to this question is complicated. If you had your air conditioner installed by a team of qualified professionals, like the ones at our company, then the answer is absolutely. Proper air conditioning sizing, or more commonly referred to as load calculation, is one of the most important aspects of having an AC installed. If an amateur or a team decides to go ahead with the installation and doesn’t size the system properly, there could be some huge repercussions.

So, let’s talk about what some of those repercussions are! If you’re dealing with an air conditioner that’s causing problems, and you think it’s because it’s not properly sized, then you might need AC replacement in Boerne, TX. Don’t worry, this might seem like an expensive fix, but it’s really for the long-term.

Replacements can often be the most cost-effective, long-term solutions to deal with a faulty or improper installation.

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How Is Your Air Conditioner?

Monday, April 26th, 2021

It’s been a hard year, and we’ve been making sure to ask all of our beloved customers about how they’re doing. We view everyone in this community as friends and neighbors, so don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with one of our staff members and tell us how you’re doing.

However, in all this hubbub, when was the last time you looked at how your air conditioner was doing? It’s starting to warm up, which means our AC systems are starting to run in full force. Some homeowners are starting to panic because their air conditioning in Boerne isn’t running like it used to, and they’re scared there’s something they overlooked.

Don’t worry, our team is here to help. Let’s go over some common springtime problems with AC systems, and try to narrow down a few things that could be plaguing your system.

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3 Plumbing Disasters to Avoid

Monday, February 15th, 2021

Over years, sometimes even decades, a plumbing system can go through the ringer. While we might only see what’s on the surface when we use our kitchen sink and our bathtub, but the pipes underneath you might be suffering until one day they have a catastrophic failure. These kinds of plumbing emergencies are why our company exists.

Take a deep breath and relax. If you’ve encountered one of these disasters, or you’re encountering one right now, it’s going to be okay. Plumbers in Boerne, TX like the ones on our team know how to deal with these issues quickly and effectively. We’ll discuss solutions with you going forward, keep long-term goals in mind, and give you some pointers as to how you can avoid these hassles going forward.

Just remember that with the help of a professional team that truly cares, you’ve got nothing to be anxious about.

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The Problem with Improperly Sized Heaters

Monday, February 1st, 2021

How big is your heater? No, hold on—don’t just go measure it and report back to us how many square feet it takes up. While that definitely matters in the measurement of your heater, it’s not the whole story. Heaters need to be able to adequately heat an entire home, and that means a specific model should have been installed in your home that’s able to heat the volume of air inside. This measurement of volume before setting a heater up is known as load calculation.

If you had your heater installed by a less-than-perfect heating professional, or even in the case that you installed your heater yourself (which we absolutely do not recommend), this step could have been missed and you could be dealing with a heater that’s too large or small. Do you need furnace repair in Boerne? Or perhaps you might need a whole system replacement?

Let’s figure out the solution to your problem.

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