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Buy a New Generator Today!

Helotes, TX has a number of rural residents, people who live off the civic grid and are responsible for their own electricity. Even if you’re on a reliable civic system, it pays to have a backup considering the number of thunderstorms and blackouts we have in this part of the world. A whole-house generator makes an easy and easy-to-use solution to the problem, and right now is the perfect time to do so. We’re offering a $200 rebate on whole-house generator installation services, and can get you set up very quickly if you need it.


Once you’ve decided to install a new generator, there are a few specifics you’ll need to nail down before you can proceed:

  • Power levels need to match the electrical needs of your home. If your generator is too small to power the whole house, make sure it’s big enough to power essentials like refrigerators, freezers and heaters.
  • Placement should be carefully considered: somewhere easily accessible in a crisis, ready to be connected to your power grid, and with adequate ventilation so that the exhaust can clear out of your home quickly.
  • The presence of additional equipment such as crossover switches needs to be considered.


With a new generator installed, you need to keep it prepared in the event you need it, which can involve any of the following steps:

  •  Make sure you have enough fuel on-hand to last several days (check your generator’s fuel consumption ratio to let you know how much.)
  • Keep your generator maintained by scheduling service in the off-season.
  • Ensure that you have a smooth “switch over” plan for when the time comes, either with a cross-over switch, an automatic standby generator, or simply timely action to start it up.

D’Spain handles generator services of all varieties, so contact us today!

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