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How Does a Rainwater Collection System Work?

We have a number of households that live off the grid here in Bandera, TX: far out in the country where civic water systems can’t reach and which usually rely on private wells or similar sources for their water. In addition, however, these households can add a rainwater collection system to their home, using rainwater to augment their water supply. Right now is the perfect time to have such a system installed: we’re offering $100 rebate on the installation and helping you save big money on your water bills to boot. Here’s a quick breakdown on how a rainwater collection system works.

Collecting and Cleaning

Strictly speaking, rainwater collection is as simple as installing a gutter system on your roof and plopping a barrel down at the apex of the gutter to catch the rain. That’s how they did it in the old days, and the principle hasn’t changed much. The only difference is that now we have some modern wrinkles on that old rain barrel: an airtight storage chamber beneath the ground, a quality filtration system to clean the water and render it potable, and pumps to get it into your home for easy use. Installation requires a fair amount of digging in most cases, but you can see the results almost immediately.

The Benefits

The benefits of rainwater are self-apparent. Thunderstorms are common in this part of the world, and rainfall can be heavy indeed. A rainwater collection system allows you to make full use of that water, at no extra cost. The water will be cleaned and filtered to remove hard water and other contaminants, and the results give you gallons upon gallon of water for no more cost than a small amount of electricity used to run the system.

D’Spain can install, repair and maintain rainwater collection system for you, and with our rebate, there’s never been a batter time. Call us today!

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