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What to Look for in a New Generator

Generators can be far more than a luxury here in the Helotes, TX area, especially for homes that don’t lie on a civic electrical grid. Even those that do could use the benefits of a reliable generator, since Mother Nature always has the last word and this winter is looking like it’s going to be a bad one. But deciding to install a generator in your home is only the first step. Every home is unique, and the generator you choose needs to meet your specific requirements in order to do its job. Here are a few things to look for as you make your decision.

Power Load

Generators need to account for the power requirements of all the electrical devices relying on them, including unexpected electrical surges. That starts with an audit of the appliances in your home, so you know how much each appliance requires and what your overall power needs are. Ideally, the generator should be able to power everything, but if that won’t fit your budget, the audit lets you separate necessary appliances (like a refrigerator) from ones you can leave off in a crisis (like a game system).

Fuel Requirements

Every generator consumes fuel at a specific rate, which should be listed on its specification. Always make sure you have enough fuel on hand to last several days without having to venture out for more.


Your generator needs a clean, dry spot to operate, someplace that everyone in the family can reach safely. It needs to be close to your meter or electrical grid and needs proper venting so that exhaust gasses don’t build up. And it needs to meet any existing safety codes, such as a certain distance from air conditioners or other units that could cause issues.

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