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Causes of Reduced Heating in Your Furnace

Most homes in the Bandera, TX area rely on forced-air furnaces for heat. It’s an effective means of keeping your house warm, and it also gives you an easy way to spot any problems that might arise. A lack of hot air coming from the vents usually spells a significant problem, since it slows down the rate at which your house warms up. That means the heater has to use more energy to do its job, which raises your monthly bills. It also increases strain on other parts of the system, forcing them to work harder and increasing the risk of a serious breakdown.

You can spot reduced heating in your furnace simply by feeling the air coming out of your ducts and noting if it’s lukewarm or cool. When that happens, turn off your heater and call in a repair service quickly. The possible causes can usually be found among the following list, but you should always use a professional to make a formal diagnosis.

  • Blockages. A blocked gas line won’t deliver the needed fuel to the burners. Blocks in the ducts can back heated air up into your system, forcing it to shut down burners to prevent any overheated components. Either way, the air feels cooler and your system has a problem.
  • Fan Trouble. A problem with the fan motor or fan will result in a back-up of hot air similar to that described above.
  • Faulty Burners. If one or more burners doesn’t run, it will naturally decrease the temperature of the air. In many cases, the burners are just clogged, and can be unclogged as part of a heating maintenance session. In other cases, the burner is faulty and needs to be replaced.

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