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How to Prevent Freezing Pipes

With cold temperatures comes a whole new host of potential issues for your Boerne, TX home. That can include freezing water in your pipes, which will clog up the plumbing system at best and could result in burst pipes at worst. Burst pipes can be particularly damaging if they occur while you are away for the holidays, and could go for days or weeks before being detected. Now is the perfect time to prepare for freezing pipes, and make sure they don’t bedevil you this winter.

Basic Steps

The first steps come in identifying potential problem areas and taking care of outdoor pipes. To begin with, shut the water off to your sprinkler systems and outdoor faucets, then turn the faucets on and drain them off all water. That will prevent any pipes from freezing in the winter, and since you likely won’t need your outdoor faucets until spring, it won’t disrupt your household. (You can always turn the water back on if you need to. Just remember to repeat the procedure when you are done.)

In addition, it pays to pinpoint any potential trouble spots for your pipe system, such as pipes that are located along an outside wall, or in a spot like the basement that doesn’t get as much heat as the rest of the house. These are spots that can be protected with pipe insulation, keeping them warm no matter how cold the temperatures get outside.

Once that’s in place, you can also take protective measure through the winter by leaving a little trickle on in every faucet in the house. The flowing water will help stop the pipes from freezing, and the cost in water bills should be very small in comparison.

For help keeping your plumbing system protected this winter, call the pros at D’Spain today!

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