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Do You Need a New Furnace or Boiler?

Fall is officially here, and if you live in Helotes, TX or any nearby community, the time has come to dust your heating system off and get it ready for another winter. If your heater is older and perhaps struggling with efficiency and/or repair issues, you might want to think about replacing it with a new one before heating season begins in earnest.

Whether you have a forced-air furnace, a boiler or a system that’s a little more off the beaten path, you need to determine whether your system can make it through the winter effectively. If it can’t, then replacing it now gives you the luxury of time to schedule the session before temperatures get too cold. Only you can determine if your existing heater is ready for replacement, but there are two key factors that usually go into the decision.

High Cost

If the cost of running your existing heater is too high, then a replacement may be in order. Most people think of high costs in terms of repair bills, and certainly, if you experienced multiple repair calls last winter — or are facing a single repair call that costs more than you think the system is worth — then a new system may be in order. But high costs can also mean your monthly heating bill, which can be extravagant if you’re trying to run a system that’s on its last legs. A new heater could provide real relief, recouping some of the installation costs in lower monthly bills and a reduced likelihood of breakdowns.


In and of itself, age isn’t a factor in determining whether to replace your system, and with proper care, your heater might last well beyond its warranty. But if the warranty has expired and costs are rising as described above, that’s usually the best sign that the time has come for a new system.

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