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Make Sure You Know These Important Furnace Safety Tips


Having a working furnace is absolutely critical for your safety during the winter. But if you don’t take any precautions, running a furnace can pose safety hazards. How can you stay warm all winter and also stay safe? Follow these furnace safety tips for both gas and electric heating systems.

Make Space Around Your Furnace

Furnaces are often located in areas of the home where unwanted or rarely used items may get stashed. To avoid creating a fire hazard, tidy up any stored items or boxes and give your furnace a wide berth. Make sure there are a few feet of space with nothing in it, and when it comes to highly flammable items like paper, cardboard, and fabric, keep them at least five feet away.

Change Your Furnace’s Air Filter

A thick layer of dust prevents your furnace from getting enough airflow and can lead to components overheating. While this would normally trigger the furnace to shut down, a faulty limit switch could lead to continued overheating, and that layer of dust is flammable. Change the filter every month during the winter, and every few months during light furnace use in spring and fall. 

Have Maintenance Done Every Year

Having a furnace that runs smoothly without serious problems will promote safety, and the way to achieve that is annual maintenance. Also, during maintenance, your technician will pay special attention to your furnace’s safety mechanisms, and will test electrical components and check gas lines and connections to make sure they don’t pose a risk.

Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

While most detectors these days are hard-wired, it’s still important to have fresh batteries in them in case of a power outage. And carbon monoxide detectors don’t last forever. After several years, they should be replaced. If you’re not sure if it’s time to replace yours, you can check with your technician during furnace maintenance.

Electric Furnace Safety

The biggest risk with an electric furnace is an electrical fire. Get prompt professional help if your furnace is tripping the circuit breaker, if you see scorch marks anywhere on the furnace or the electrical panel, or if you smell smoke, hot plastic, or a fishy odor.

Gas Furnace Safety

A gas leak will smell eggy because of the mercaptan added to the odorless natural gas. If you smell this, shut off the gas and call for emergency assistance. If your pilot flame is not blue, if soot builds up in the furnace cabinet, if there is rust or corrosion, or if you hear a clicking sound while the furnace cools down, you’re at risk of a carbon monoxide leak.

Prompt Repair

When you do suspect that something is wrong, especially if you have noticed any of these warning signs of a safety hazard, don’t hesitate to get furnace service in Oaks Ranch, TX. In general, prompt repair prevents small problems from becoming big, expensive ones. And when it comes to safety, prompt repair could save your life.

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