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Here’s Why You Must Have HVAC Pros Install a New Heating System


A new furnace or other heating system is quite an investment. The cost can be daunting. (Though we do have financing options!) It may be tempting to try to cut corners in order to cut costs, and attempting a DIY heating system installation may have crossed your mind.

Can anyone install a heating system, if they’re generally handy? Absolutely not. It’s critical to have your heating system installed professionally. Here’s why.


We hope that your own safety and the safety of your family, home, and neighbors is your top priority. Our highly-qualified HVAC installation professionals are extensively trained in how to safely handle heating systems. Any type of heating system has electrical components, which pose one kind of hazard. Gas systems also pose other potential risks.

Untrained installation or repair of heating systems can lead to immediate disaster, such as potentially lethal electrocution or gas explosion. But even if you think everything went smoothly, there can be delayed disasters as well. This could include improper wiring causing overheating and eventually an electrical fire, slow gas leaks, or carbon monoxide poisoning.


If your new heating system uses natural gas, there could be legal repercussions to having it installed by the wrong person. In most jurisdictions, it is required that anyone working on a gas line or gas appliance be licensed. Without that license, you will be completely liable for anything that goes wrong. Don’t run afoul of the law! Get professional heating installation in Boerne, TX.


A brand-new heating system comes with a good warranty which can protect you from unexpected costs. If something fails early, the manufacturer may cover part or even all of the cost of replacement or repair. But having someone without the proper certification install or repair that system will void your warranty, leaving you responsible for any future costs.


Yes, it may seem like avoiding a professional installation will help you avoid costs. But in the long run—and maybe even in the short term—the opposite is actually true. First, if you struggle with the installation, you’ll end up calling in professionals anyway. And then, down the line, you’ll find that heating systems that weren’t professionally installed require repairs more frequently. 

Choosing the Right Installation Team

You’ll want to think beyond just this installation. Choose a contractor who can also perform maintenance and repairs in the future, and who can help with things like adding zone control systems or inspecting and sealing your ductwork. You’ll also want to choose someone with a lasting reputation serving homeowners in the area. At D’Spain, we offer all that and more.

We’d be delighted to talk to you about your HVAC system. We can help with choosing an ideal heating solution for your home, and answer any questions you may have. We’ll be honored to partner with you in the care of your new heating system and provide installation, maintenance, repair, and peace of mind.

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