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Signs You Need Heating Repair for Your Furnace

Whole-home heating systems are designed to be durable, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be repair-free. Understanding the signs that it may be time for furnace repair helps both you and your system. It isn’t advisable for homeowners to work on heating systems themselves, so knowing when to call for heating repair in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX is necessary. The experienced technicians at D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc., can assist with any heating repair, so call us today.

Signs It’s Time for Repair

  • No heat – clearly, if you have no heat, there’s an issue with your furnace. However, there can be multiple reasons why your system won’t work: a faulty thermostat, problems with ignition or even a dirty burner. Because there is such a wide range of possibilities, it’s best to let a professional find the cause and repair it.
  • Not enough heat – not feeling enough heat blowing into your home can be an indication of fan problems, such as a malfunctioning fan motor or worn belt; faulty ductwork, which is allowing too much air to escape; or an issue with the heat exchanger. Unless you have expert knowledge of your system, call a technician for assistance.
  • Strange noises – booming, banging, clicking – these are all sounds that shouldn’t emanate from your furnace. A booming sound can indicate delayed ignition, which can be a potentially dangerous situation; banging can indicate that loose parts are bouncing around your fan area; and clicking can indicate a pilot light issue. If you hear a noise, don’t ignore it, even if your system appears to still be working. Instead, call a trained technician to determine the cause of the sound.
  • Increased energy bills – are you seeing a big spike in your energy usage, but haven’t changed the way you use your heating system? Higher energy usage can be indicative of a system under stress. There can be several reasons for this, which is why it’s best to call a professional.

Repairs do not improve over time, and will most likely become worse. If you are in need of heating repair in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX, call the people you can trust: D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc.

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