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Signs You Need Heating Repair

heating-repair-servicesHeating season has officially arrived, and that means you’ll be running your furnace or your boiler on a regular basis between now and spring. If your system runs into problems, you’re going to want to spot it sooner rather than later. Spotting an issue now and getting it addressed with a repair session from a trained technician can save you money and effort, especially when compared to getting caught flat-footed with a breakdown in the middle of the coldest day of winter.

So what constitutes a sign that you need heating repair? In general terms, it’s anything you don’t recognize as part of your heating system’s regular functioning. That can run the gamut through a wide variety of symptoms, which is part of why you want a trained technician to properly diagnose the issue and conduct repairs. Having said that, there are several signs that recur over a lot of different problems, and while you should never formally diagnose a heating problem yourself, you can still spot these signs and shut your heater down. These signs can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Low Heat Levels. A heater that produces cold air is usually a dead giveaway. But the same principle applies if your heater is producing heat, just not as much heat as you expect.
  • Low Air Flow.  Reduced air flow (usually caused by either a block in the ducts or a problem with the fan) forces your heater to work harder than it should and can increase the risks of a breakdown.
  • Strange Noises. Any noise you don’t recognize as part of the regular functioning of your heating system is cause for concern. Such noises with usually start and stop with the starting and stopping of your heater.

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