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Benefits of Ductless Heating

ductless-heating-systemsMost homes in the area rely on centralized heating of some kind or another, which heats the air in a single location and then distributes it through the home with a system of ducts. It’s inexpensive and effective, which makes it a great option for most homes. Some homes, however, can’t support the ducts required, either because their architecture is unique in some way, or simply because they were built before air conditioning was available and thus can’t support a system of ducts.

Luckily, there’s an option for those houses too: ductless heating systems, which provide comprehensive heating without having to worry about ducts to function. They can provide a number of attractive benefits and if you’re in the market for a new heating system this fall, it pays to give them careful consideration. With temperatures falling every day, now is the right time to act.

How Do They Work?

Ductless heating adopts a small, diverse approach to warming your home instead of using a single unit to cover the whole house. Multiple units are placed at key locations throughout the home, each charged with heating a single room or set space. The units can be adjusted individually to provide heat for their allotted space, and most systems also have a central spot where you can adjust all of the units in the home as you wish.

Ductless heating systems tend to cost more to install, since you’re putting in multiple units instead of a single centralized one. And they tend to work better in big homes with a lot of space to heat, though any home can take advantage of their benefits. Those benefits can be considerable, however, and merit careful consideration when weighing the expected costs.

What Are the Benefits?

The first and most important benefit of a ductless heating system is right there in the title. They eliminate the needs for cumbersome ducts. That means you can enjoy heating throughout your home without having to rely on portable heaters or other cumbersome devices. Beyond that, however, ductless heating provides two specific benefits, which are actually one extended benefit taken to its logical conclusion.

The first (and more luxurious) advantage is individual temperature control from each unit. Say you’re cooking in the kitchen and want to lower the heat to compensate for the hot stove. Another member of the family is reading or watching TV in the living room. With a centralized system, either you will need to put up with the heat or the other family member will freeze. Ductless heating allows you both to set the temperature you like without having to compromise on anyone’s comfort.

But the real advantage comes when you take that notion to its logical end. You can shut off (or at least turn down) the heat in parts of the home you aren’t using while still running it in parts of the home you are. That lets you stay comfortable while seriously cutting down on your monthly heating bills.

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