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How Do Energy Recovery Ventilators Save Me Money?

The heat of summer can put quite a strain on your air conditioner here in Bandera, TX, just as the cool air of winter ensures that your heater will need to be ready for daily use. Even when your systems function 100% as expected, you’re likely looking at high monthly bills to cover the energy consumed.

You can take steps to cut those bills down by making your home more energy efficient: anything from adding more insulation to simply putting down weather stripping for those cracks under your doors and windows. If you’re in the market for an upgrade to your home, you might consider installing an energy recovery ventilator in your attic. The benefits can be immeasurable.

How It Works

An ERV is a comparatively simple device: two lengths of duct, each with a fan on either end, joined at the middle by a heat exchanger that shifts the temperature of the air from one to the other. One duct pulls stale air out of your home while the other pulls fresh air in from outside of your home. The heat exchanger ensures that the incoming air is just as cool as the outgoing air, so it’s not acting at cross purposes with your AC. And in the winter, it can keep the incoming air warm so as not to interfere with your heater.

Why That Matters

The act of exchanging air helps get rid of stale air and replace it with fresh air, helping to get rid of germs and lower the chances of sickness spreading from family member to family member. More importantly, it eases the strain on your air conditioner or heater, reducing monthly heating or cooling bills by as much as 40% according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

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