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Get Your Water Tested Before Trouble Hits

Many houses in the Helotes, TX area operate using wells or other private sources of water. Even if you’re on the civic system, however, it pays to know whether there are any contaminants in the water or whether you could otherwise benefit from a whole-house water filtration system. The best place to begin that process is with water testing, which sets the stage and gives you the information you need. The sooner your can perform such an operation the better, since you never know when trouble is going to hit. 

The Benefits of Testing

Contaminants can run in all shapes and sizes, from bacterial elements to hard water. Different methods can be used to treat them, but unless you know exactly what the problem is — or indeed that there’s a problem at all — you won’t know how best to treat them. A water softener, for instance, can treat hard water, but not bacterial infection, while a UV purifier can take care of germs but not mineral.s The first step is always water testing, performed by a professional with an eye on the best way to help your system function at its best.

Multiple Testing Works Best

Good testing won’t just take one sample, but cover your water source from multiple locations, ensuring that the results are comprehensive. In addition, if you’re not on a civic water system, you should have your water retested at least once a year and maybe twice. That way, you can pick up on any recurring issues and tendencies, as well as ensuring that any filtration system you have in place continues to do the job the way it’s supposed to.

At D’Spain, we provide comprehensive water filtration services — from installation to repairs to replacement — as well as water testing to get the process started. Call us today!

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