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How Does Zone Control Aid Your HVAC System?

A zone control system is an upgrade to your HVAC system which provides a number of benefits without having to replace your entire heating and air conditioning array. It consists of a series of shutters placed at strategic locations in your duct system. Each shutter can be controlled separately, allowing you to raise or lower the temperature in individual rooms or sections of the home independently of the rest. Considering how unpredictable the weather can be here in Fredericksburg, TX, that precision of control can be quite a relief: allowing you to set one temperature in one room and another in a second room without having to compromise on either. But zone controls can be far more than a luxury: helping your entire HVAC system out in ways both subtle and obvious.

Savings and Longevity

The benefits start with general savings. Because you can turn off the heat (or the cool air in the summer) in select parts of the home while running it in occupied parts of the home, you can cut down on monthly heating and cooling bills tremendously. But that effect can cascade into more diffuse benefits for your system. Because your heating and air are subjected to less strain, they undergo less wear and tear, and thus are less prone to breakdowns. Not only does that help prevent the cost of unnecessary repairs, but over time, it can extend the life of your system: giving you months or even years of additional use before having to replace it. Zone control systems also help you balance the heat in larger homes, where temperature variations can bedevil rooms near an outside wall and the like. A nominal investment in a zone control system can not only extend the system’s life, but ensure that you don’t pay any more than you need to until then.

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