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Signs That You Should Consider a Humidifier

You’ve heard people complain about humidity in the summer, often remarking about the hot and sticky feeling it leaves on the skin. Humidity is characterized by the amount of water in the air. We say that the relative humidity is high when the air contains a lot of water vapor (and the most it can contain is 100%). High humidity is problematic because when there is too much moisture in the air, sweat cannot easily evaporate from your skin, which makes you feel warmer even when the weather is otherwise temperate. Inside of your house, moisture can collect and may lead to dangerous levels of mold and mildew.

Luckily, air conditioners take care of some level of humidity, and you can install a dehumidifier in the home to offset the problem of excessive moisture in the air. But did you know that very little moisture in the air is often just as alarming for some homeowners? Low levels of humidity can cause a few different problems for your home and your health, but you can install a point-of-use or whole home humidifier when you experience any of these common issues.

  • Dry Skin and Chapped Lips: Dry air equates to dry skin, chapped lips, and even bloody noses. You may be spending a ton of money on balms and lotions, and feel exasperated by the discomfort you experience every day.
  • A Cold that Just Won’t Quit: If you have a cold that just won’t seem to end, the lack of moisture in the air certainly isn’t helping. When your sinuses are dried out, your body can’t recover from a cold as quickly as it should.
  • Cracked Furniture and Peeling Paint: One of the most surprising effects of low humidity is the possibility that your furniture, walls, or floors could be ruined. If you notice damage on wood floors and furniture, cracks on the wall, or peeling paint, humidity control may be vital.

At D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc., we recommend whole-home humidifiers over portable options so that your entire home and each family member is protected during a dry spell. Call our team of technicians today to schedule installation or repairs for your humidifier in Bandera.

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