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Use NEST Protect to Keep Your Home Safe

We’re all used to smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to help keep our homes safe from the unexpected. Every home in Fredericksburg, TX should have such a system in place and keep it well maintained. But technology in this field advances like everything else, and if you’re still relying on older fire and smoke alarms, then you might be missing out on some enticing advances. In particular, we recommend a NEST Protect system to help keep your home safe. With proper installation, it provides a number of advantages over more traditional smoke and CO detectors, which can make a huge difference in an emergency.

What It Does

A NEST Protect system does the same basic job that any detection system does: alert you to an issue quickly so that you can respond in a timely fashion. There, however, the similarities end. Using advanced computer technology and WiFi access, the NEST Protect can provide faster and more accurate information than any other system on the market.

  • Acknowledging False Alarms. Nothing can be more annoying, or distracting, than the fire alarm going off because of smoke or steam coming from the kitchen. A NEST Protect system uses a human voice to alert you to smoke in the kitchen, letting you deal with the issue without having to contend with a glaring siren.
  • A Phone App. The NEST Protect system works in conjunction with an app on your phone. That can alert you to the problem even if you aren’t home and — in the cases of false alarm — lets you turn off the alarm from your phone instead of having to reach the actual smoke detector.
  • Self-Testing. It can be hard to remember t5o detect your alarm system amid the bustle of everyday life. That’s why NEST Protect self-checks itself, and alerts you automatically in the event of any trouble.

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