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Use a UV Air Purifier to Keep Your Home Healthy


Winter means cold season, and that means a prevalence of illnesses to bedevil your home and family. The reasons for this have less to do with the cold air itself than with a host of other issues that come with winter weather. The bad news is that you can’t get rid of those conditions in most cases. The good news is that there is a product for your home that can do wonders for battling colds and illnesses: a UV air purifier.

Winter Weather Means Colds

Winters have always been associated with colds and illnesses, and there are a number of reasons for that.

  • When people go out of town for the holidays, they come back with new bugs and illnesses. This can happen at their destination or in transit in places like the airport. Unfortunately, those new bugs will spread throughout January and February, affecting you even if you didn’t go out of town this Christmas
  • Dry air is prevalent in the winter months, which can dry out your sinuses and mucous membrane. They are your body’s main means of defense against germs, so the dry air leaves you more vulnerable.
  • We keep our homes shut tight in the winter to retain the warm air from our heaters. This is a smart policy, but it has the effect of keeping germs and viruses bottled up in your home: recirculating and infecting all the members of your household.

UV Lights Fight Back

Ultraviolet light lies beyond our ability to see, but it can affect us nonetheless. It’s what causes our skin to burn or tan when we go into the sun. At lower levels, UV lights or blacklights will cause our white clothes to glow in the dark at rock concert or amusement parks. At that level, the light is perfectly safe for humans and other multicellular organisms like dogs or cats. But it will instantly kill any germ or viruses, or else leave them unable to replicate.

A UV air purifier stretches a sheet of UV light across the apex of your heating ducts. As the heater runs (or the air conditioner runs in the summer), it gradually cycles through the air in your home. The germs in the air get pushed through the light, killing or sterilizing them instantly. The longer the heater runs, the more the air gets scrubbed clean, giving you a constant source of protection against colds.

We recommend UV air purifiers for any household, since any household can benefit from the results. In particular, however, we recommend them for homes that are welcoming a new baby,  homes with elderly residents, or homes that have anyone suffering from asthma or similar conditions.  These demographics are much more vulnerable to illnesses, and can benefit from the added protection that a UV air purifier can provide.

If you would like a UV air purifier installed in your Helotes, TX home, or you have one that needs repairs or maintenance, simply call upon the pros at D’Spain Sales and Services today!

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