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Add a Water Softener to Your Well System

Numerous residents of the Kerrville, TX area rely on wells and similar private sources of water instead of civic systems. It’s a necessity for many rural households, but it involves a certain amount of upkeep in order to keep the well water safe and potable. If you haven’t added a water softening system to your water supply, you would be well advised to do so. The benefits it brings can be considerable.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water isn’t actively harmful. It’s simply water with a higher amount of mineral content than normal. Those minerals usually consist of calcium and magnesium, which aren’t harmful if ingested. But that doesn’t mean it won’t cause problems in your home. Among other issues, hard water can cause:

  • A crusty white build-up on your faucets and shower heads. It’s a pain to clean up and in the worst cases can clog your fixtures.
  • More wear and tear on your laundry. Hard water can cause clothes to fade and threads to warp, forcing you to purchase more clothing to replace shirts and dresses that wear out prematurely.
  • Harsher showers and baths, leaving a raw, red feeling on your skin when you finish.
  • A strange metallic taste in your drinking water and in foods prepared with water from your tap. Again, it’s not harmful, but it’s rarely pleasant.

Water Softening is the Solution

There’s little you can do about the presence of hard water, especially with soil like ours. A water softening system will keep it from affecting your quality of life, however. With it in place, your water will taste fresher, your clothing will look brighter and last longer, and that gross build-up on your faucet heads will be severely diminished.

Call D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc. today to install, repair or maintain a water softening system for your well.

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