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The Benefits of Rain Water Collection

storm-lightning-strikeWe deal with a lot of rural clients in our part of Texas, most of which rely on well water or similar sources for their water supply. That can work well, and enterprising homeowners know how to keep such plumbing systems maintained. But wells are subject to the forces of drought and groundwater contamination far more than civic water supplies.

With summer comes rain, and collecting rainwater makes a great way to bolster your water supply against the give and take of Mother Nature. Rainwater collection systems need to be installed by trained professionals with an eye on your specific needs, but the benefits they provide can be enormous. What are those benefits? Read on for the answers.

How It Works

Rainwater collection might sound simple – as simple as putting out a rain barrel – but it actually requires a lot more than that. The water is much cleaner than groundwater, but it still needs to be purified and stored in a proper way. Utility is the name of the game and the process needs to conclude with safe, clean drinkable water available to you.

That means not only the experience that comes with installing rain water collection services on a regular basis, but a technician who can analyze the specific needs of your home and install the system that works for you. For instance, you may get more or less rainfall based on your home’s topographical location than other homes in the area, or you may require larger tanks to account for more frequent drought periods. Regardless, the right technician can inspect your home, discuss your needs, and come up with the right rainwater collection system for you.

The Benefits

The primary advantage to rainwater collection is the way covers you in the event of the unexpected. Droughts can be troublesome at best and dangerous at worst, and it always pays to build up reserves for use when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Depending on your needs and the specifics of the environment, you might even be able to rely primarily on rainwater for water supplies, instead of on wells or similar groundwater sources.

In addition, rainwater is soft, which means it’s devoid of the minerals that lead to hard water. Using more rainwater means cutting down on that crusty white build-up and similar problems that come with hard water. (Groundwater sources are particularly vulnerable to hard water deposits.) That can spell cleaner, gentler showers and longer-lasting clothes, which won’t be worn out by the constant scrubbing in hard water.

Finally, rainwater collection can both save you money and do your part for the environment. The water itself is free, which means that even a home on the civic grid can benefit from it, and as a renewable resource, it reduces your dependence on outside sources for water.

If your Kerrville, TX home could benefit from a rainwater collection system, or you already have such a system and need it serviced or repaired, call upon D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc.

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