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Zone Control Systems Can Benefit Your A/C

Spring is here and chances are you’re already using your air conditioner on a regular basis. That usage will only grow as the warm weather turns hot, and soon enough you’ll be running it every day. A good maintenance session from a trained technician can do wonders for your system. But if you want something more substantive to help cut into high summer cooling bills, consider the benefits of a zone control system. What is it and how can it help? Read on for the answers.

It Provides Greater Control

Your centralized heating and air conditioning systems rely on a series of ducts to move conditioned air from the units themselves to the various rooms in your home. The zone control system works in conjunction with the ducts: dividing them into sections and provided you with the controls to raise or lower the temperature in each section individually.

What Benefits Does That Bring?

The obvious benefit to such a system is preventing squabbling over the thermostat. Say you’re watching television in the living room, and another family member is in the kitchen cooking. They want to lower the thermostat to compensate for the hot stove, but you don’t want to freeze in the process. Zone control systems let you set a higher temperature in the living room and a lower one in the kitchen.

By extending that trend, you can see the system’s real benefits: you can turn off the air in parts of the home you aren’t using, while running it in parts of the home you are. It works better with larger homes than smaller ones, but most homes can benefit from the lowered air conditioning bills that this can produce.

If a zone control system sounds like a good fit for your Helotes, TX home, call D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc. today!

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