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3 Ways to Improve Your Well Water

Here in Boerne, TX, a number of residents live off of the civic water system, relying on wells or other private sources to provide water for drinking and cleaning in their households. It’s often the only reliable option for rural residents, but it falls on the homeowner to ensure that the water from their wells or other sources is safe for use. A quality plumbing company can help out with that in a number of ways, both by periodically testing the water to ensure that it’s potable and installing devices to improve your well water. Here are 3 of them for you to consider.

1.     Water Softeners

Hard water, which contains an excess of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, is very common in our part of the country. The minerals aren’t dangerous, but they can result in that crusty white build-up on your faucet heads, as well as lowering the overall quality of your life in countless tiny ways. A water softened gets rid of the minerals in hard water, helping the water your system taste crisper and cleaner as well as cutting down on that gross build-up.

2.     UV Water Purifiers

If you’re more concerned about the presence of bacteria or organic components in your water, consider a UV water purifier to help. The UV light is harmless to humans, pets and livestock, but kills germs and bacteria dead, ensuring that your water is left feeling cleaner and tasting better.

3.     Rainwater Collection Systems

Rainwater collection systems make a great means of augmenting your existing well system. Since rain water hasn’t been filtered through the ground, it’s softer than well water in most cases, and you can often avoid biological contaminants because the water doesn’t sit around and stagnate. With the addition of a water filtration system, it can be a huge benefit to your home.

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