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Contact the Right Service for Water Well Drilling

If yowell-water-drillingu live in the city, water for your plumbing system likely arrives via municipal water lines. But our part of the world has a lot of rural homes, and in those cases, other options must be found. Without a reservoir or standing water supply nearby, your best option is usually drilling for well water, then setting up the proper lines and connections to your home. That’s a complicated and potentially difficult process, though the results can give your home the fresh water and reliable self-sufficiency that homes in our part of the world sometimes require. In those cases, you want to make sure you contact the right plumbing service to handle the job the right day.

Finding the Spot

Unless there’s surface water visible, drilling for a well means finding the location of any underground water on your property (or nearby if you belong to a water-sharing collective). That means taking a careful survey of the land to find potential spots. This can be aided immeasurably by using computerized surveying equipment, which can detect the presence of groundwater with uncanny accuracy and show you just where to dig. It can also determine the depth of the dig needed to reach it and other such information which allows you to make proper plans with all the details in place.

The Dig

The dig itself utilizes a drill, which must be rented as part of the process. Dig times may vary, depending on the depth of the well and the type of rock in the ground above it. Once the well is dug, the technicians will examine it carefully to determine the well’s depth (a simple matter of using a measuring line in most cases) and yield (the amount of gallons per minute it can deliver), as well as seeing how far the water level dropped and how quickly it was restored to its original level. The water itself will be tested to ensure their no contaminants or other concerns, and the well will be capped.

The Lines

Once the well is dug, lines themselves need to be run from your new well to any homes that intend to make use of it. In many cases, that will include the installation of water purifiers, water softeners, and other devices designed to keep impurities out of your home’s water supply. Those devices will need to be periodically serviced and tested so that they continue to function efficiently. Furthermore, the well itself will need to be regularly tested for the presence of bacteria or contaminants that may not have been present the when you initially dug for the well.

With the right team on your side, your new well can be dug and provide service to you and your family for generations. The friendly pros at D’Spain Sales & Service Inc. can perform well drilling and well water testing in Bandera, TX, as well as provide a host of related plumbing services. Call on us today and let us show you what we can do.

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