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Is My Water Well Going Dry?

question-markIf you own a water well, you are probably quite aware of the advantages: it provides free water and it is reliable. So, when you notice your well isn’t providing you with the amount of clear, clean water that you’re used to, you definitely notice. Over time, wells can reduce their output and water levels can decrease. If you are worried that your well is going dry, it is time to contact a trained well technician. They resolve any issues with your well and can restore the amount of water that you depend on every day. If you are seeking water well services in Bandera, TX, look no further than D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc.

There are a number of warning signs that suggest your well is running dry, or that there is an issue with the pump. In any case, a trained technician can accurately diagnose the problem and take the steps necessary to fix it. If you have noticed any of the warning signs listed below, your well might be going dry.

Your Water Tastes Funky

When water levels fall, water quality can be affected. This is due to the sediment sitting at the bottom of the well. This sediment can also affect the smell of the water. If you notice the water coming from your faucets tastes or smells funky, contact a well expert.

Muddy or Murky Water

As the well runs dry, higher concentrations of sediment seep into the water, thus decreasing water clarity.

The Pump Runs Longer

If your pump runs for an unusually long time or if it frequently cycles on and off, it indicates a dry well. When water levels are low, the pump struggles to create enough pressure to bring the groundwater into the well system.

Decline in Water Pressure

The aquifer might be going dry if you experience low water pressure. This symptom is also indicative of issues with the pressure tank or the filter. A professional should perform any repairs necessary to revive strong water flow.

Sputtering Faucets

This is a clear sign that there is air in the system. This is often due to a dry well or an issue with the pump. If you are unable to get a steady flow of water, it is time for well services.

How Can a Professional Help?

There are several ways that a professional can help resolve this issue. Homeowners often worry that a new well will have to be dug, but this is usually not the case. Most wells have a submersible water pump that is lowered to the appropriate depth. A professional can correctly measure the new water depth and adjust the pump.

Another way to increase the yield of water from the well is through the method of well deepening. When professionals perform well deepening, they might be able to find new fractures containing water. The deeper you go into the ground, the better chance there is of finding new fractures.

In any case, a water well expert can inspect your well and advise you on the best option for your home.

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