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Is My Water Well Going Dry?

Monday, December 10th, 2018

question-markIf you own a water well, you are probably quite aware of the advantages: it provides free water and it is reliable. So, when you notice your well isn’t providing you with the amount of clear, clean water that you’re used to, you definitely notice. Over time, wells can reduce their output and water levels can decrease. If you are worried that your well is going dry, it is time to contact a trained well technician. They resolve any issues with your well and can restore the amount of water that you depend on every day. If you are seeking water well services in Bandera, TX, look no further than D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc.

There are a number of warning signs that suggest your well is running dry, or that there is an issue with the pump. In any case, a trained technician can accurately diagnose the problem and take the steps necessary to fix it. If you have noticed any of the warning signs listed below, your well might be going dry.

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Advantages of a Solar Pump for Your Water Well

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Choosing the right pump for your water well depends on a variety of factors. First, you’ll need to make sure that the type of pump you choose works best for your home, whether it is a submersible pump or a jet pump. Then, you need a qualified professional to decide which size pump works best for your needs. And one further consideration could have a major impact on your satisfaction with your pump: deciding to go solar.

Using solar energy with your water well simply involves the use of PV (photovoltaic) panels in conjunction with your well pump. Solar energy has become more and more prevalent today, so it is not too difficult to add solar energy to more of the home conveniences you rely on every day.

Learn more about the advantages of solar pumps here, and be sure to schedule water well services in Boerne with D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc., serving the Texas Hill Country for over 40 years.

Cuts Energy Spending

Water wells offer advantages over public water supplies, as you won’t have to worry about paying for water usage with your utility bills. However, your pump consumes electricity, which could add up over the years. Using solar energy for one of the tasks around your property, such as the water well pump, may significantly reduce your spending every month.

Works with Any Type of Pump

Your well uses one of two types of pumps: a submersible pump or a jet pump. Jet pumps are the most common type used in homes, pulling water from above the well using a vacuum. A submersible pump, on the other hand, is submerged in the water, pushing water up into the pipe. In either case, a PV panel can provide an alternative power source for any size pump.

Professional Service for Every Step of the Process

If you hire an experienced professional for solar pump installation, you may get better pressure and need fewer repairs over time. A technician can install the pump and the PV panels and give you professional advice about maintaining your unit for years to come.

For professional water well services in Boerne, call the experts at D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc. today!

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