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Why You Need Water Purification for Your Well Water

In Boerne, not every home has access to a municipal water supply, and must instead rely on water drawn from a well. If you are a homeowner who receives water from a well, you need to make sure that you have a water purification system in place. There is no “one size fits all” well water purifier, however. If there are quality problems with your groundwater, you will need to have water treatment professionals analyze it and determine the purifier that will effectively cleanse the water of its unhealthy contaminants.

Call on D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc. if you need well water purification in Boerne, TX. We specialize in purifying well water in the area and offer many services to see that your family receives the cleanest, purest water possible.

The issues with well water

Water that comes from the municipal system must first go through an extensive water treatment plant that removes such contaminants as heavy metals, chemicals, and excess minerals. This water can still pick up seepage through groundwater on the way to homes, but it starts out on the trip purified. (In fact, it’s much more purified than bottled water.)

However, with well water, there is no purification system in place. If your home extracts its freshwater direct from groundwater or an underground aquifer, it can contain a large amount of pollutants that enter it through the soil. One of the common problems that well water encounters is from pesticides that seep into the ground. The groundwater often contains a high mineral content that leads to hard water problems in home plumbing. Arsenic and heavy metals are also frequent contaminants found in well water.

It’s important that you have water testing done on the well water for your property. Professional testing will determine what issues are in your water supply, and the water treatment specialists can then advise on a purification system, such as a water softener or UV purifier.

D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc. offers quality water testing and installation of water purification in Boerne, TX. If you use well water but have not installed any water treatment system to purify it, contact us today. We will see that you have the quality of water necessary to protect the health of your family and keep your plumbing in top shape.

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