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3 Things That Will Happen After Your Air Conditioner Is Professionally Maintained

Our daytime heat isn’t slowing down all that much in Helotes, but our evenings are relatively comfortable. But the bottom line is that most homeowners are still needing their air conditioning systems around the clock, and we have a long cooling season here. The fall equinox reminds us that another season is upon us, but more importantly that it’s time to once again maintain our properties, and this includes the bi-annual maintenance of your air conditioning system.

3 Benefits

We work our ACs hard in our part of the world, and one of the best ways to make sure yours performs as you need it, when you need is to schedule AC maintenance with a cooling specialist from D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc. You’ll certainly notice that the appointment itself is in-depth, but it’s what happens afterwards that will really make you happy:

#1: Better energy efficiency

Have you watched your energy bills make a gradual climb upwards throughout the summer months? When a system has to operate with excess wear and tear, it can tax the system. A system under any kind of stress will use more energy to operate, and you’ll see this reflected in your monthly utility bills.

#2: Better comfort

Have you needed to set your indoor temperatures lower to feel more comfortable? After your AC system has been cleaned, the components adjusted and the moving parts lubricated, the system won’t have any issue reaching your desired temperature.

#3: Better overall operation

Has it been more and more challenging to cool your home as needed as summer has worn on? Maintenance puts your air conditioning system into optimal shape for optimal performance.

Don’t let fall slip away into winter before scheduling your air conditioning system for maintenance. Instead, give our experts a call today and set an appointment.

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