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Are Ductless Cooling Systems Right for You?

Spring is officially here, and while many of us in the Fredericksburg, TX area are still recovering from the winter, now is an excellent time to consider adding a new air conditioner or swapping out an old one whose time has come. Most people tend to think of air conditioners as centralized units, blowing air through a series of ducts to get to the rooms of your home. There is, however, an alternative for those so interested. Ductless air conditioning systems get rid of those ducts in favor of smaller individual units, each controlled separately from the rest and each charged with cooling a single room or section of your home. Ductless systems cost a little more to install than other kinds of air conditioner, so you need to make sure that the benefits they offer match your specific needs. Here’s a few tips to determine whether ductless cooling systems are right for you.

How High Are Your Cooling Bills?

The big advantage to ductless systems is that they cost less to run than centralized systems. Why? Because you can turn the cool air off in parts of the home you aren’t using while still running the air in parts of the home you are. That can cut down on those bills quite a bit, but usually only if your home is reasonably large and/or is plagued by high bills. A smaller home, with just a few rooms, won’t benefit quite so much.

Do You Have no Room for Ducts?

The other big advantage of a ductless system comes from simply not having a comprehensive air conditioning system to begin with. Homes that can’t support ducts may have had to do without, and our area has its share of older homes and rural homes that just weren’t built for it. Ductless systems get around that problem quite nicely.

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